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  1. Thank you for the Update after so long. Very glad to know you are still in the scene . Curious If I could get some feedback on my specific situation, (to determine if I should under go the update from your 1.x mod. -Staying on windows 10. -i7-3920XM -GTX 980m (2x) SLI (Personalized vBIOS - Paid) -No further Hardware changes planned "Issues" -Fan control is bad. with HWINFO64 its either Slow or Full speed. Annoying Are there any tangible benefits for my use case?
  2. GeForce 378.78 Win 7/8.1 Keep getting temporary black screens while using this version in games, like if the Driver is crashing, using dual 980m in SLI. did not get these black outs in 378.72, going to revert
  3. Isn't that old? We are on verison 378.49 or is the Vulkan a separate line?
  4. @Tulius Hey buddy I haven't been following, Sorry if this is off base. If what you are running is in your sig. you should be ok. I had no issues myself. Try Manually modding the driver I have had some really good luck here
  5. M18X R2 Drivers Windows 7 x64 Dell's website isn't showing drivers for the M18X R2. Here is the backup off my thumb drive for those who need them until the show back up, Win 7 x64 https://www.dropbox.com/s/fmue5c9dweeqfnu/M18X R2 Drivers.7z?dl=0
  6. Probably not the BIOS, but give Swicks Bios a shot. If that doesn't do it my GUESS maybe a monitor going out? at least the controller. Did you have windows 10 installed by chance? If so you might be one of the victims of the dead monitor conspiracy. I believe Mr. Fox found a fix, but it requires direct reprogramming of the Display controller with special hardware. Again just guessing trying to help. Sorry if i waste your time. I'm sorry to see that beast of a machine having troubles. and GOOD luck man! Also... I was going to ask if your CPU was overheating and shutting down, but you said that it works on external just fine. hmm. Feeling like it's the display controller for sure.
  7. hmm, Is anyone else having trouble downloading files? I keep getting the error message: Error code: 2C171/1 The page you are trying to access is not available for your account.
  8. A warning about 372.54 on the M18X R2. I would stay away from this driver version. It's has caused me nothing but issues with the 980m SLI. dim screen, random "hard" driver crashes, BSOD, random game crashing in Fallout 4. I rolled back to 369.05 and is well again. (I am running Prema's internal v2 low V mod, this may or may not matter, Only bring it up due to the reduced TDP in the newer drivers) Your milage my vary... This is only feedback in case one of you have issues as well Extra Info, I use the newest version of DDU between driver versions, and perform "clean" installs of the drivers. Also tried the notebook version as well as the desktop version, and 3x each. Note: Always use DDU in between driver versions. Keep up the great work J95. "You da man"
  9. The kit the guy that sold me my cards came with sizes ranging for .5, 1.0, and 1.5 depending on the component. sorry i can't be more specific. I should have taken a picture as everything was labeled
  10. No errors abrupt restarts. Just a couple things to check off the top. Thermals. Check if your fans are still running. Download hwinfo64 and monitor everything. Blow everything out as well. This is what comes to mind I've seen this many times on clients computers. Especially laptops.
  11. Backup your vBIOS with GPUz there is a little save button to the right of the BIOS Version box. Yes Flash Premas v2 vBIOS... use the generic version (it's under Clevo <- this one works for all systems. Do NOT use the AW18 vbios).. There is a readme in the download. the password is the website name (minus www.) -not the wordpress name) there are 2 ways to flash (both are through windows). either disable the drivers in device manager and run the included bat files, there is one file for the primary card and one file for the slave card. Or what works for me is just run GPUz in the background to keep the cards active and then run the bat files. You will more then likely get a message saying that the ID's of the cards don't match the vBIOS. This happens a majority of the time...(IF you are sure you downloaded the correct one for your cards, ignore the warning and flash.) the vBios is backward compatible all the way down to windows 7 and up to windows 10, so you can flash it anytime. the older drivers don't work with the new vBIOS you will want to use 368.25 and up to avoid any issues (I'm sure the compatible driver list goes back further then 386.25 but this happens to get great benchmark scores. I am using 369.05 and am getting the highest scores on 3dmark11 yet.) as far as windows 10 goes, make sure you are in UEFI mode and NOT legacy mode **unless Swick has came out with a BIOS that allows Legacy mode for your specific laptop**. I would advice a clean install, you can use google to find out the best way for you to make a usb drive bootable for windows 10, if you are using a microsoft ISO you can use their tool to make the usb drive bootable and it will also dump all the files you need on the drive. if you are using a non standard MS ISO. you will have to google to find the other way to do this. Hope this helps
  12. @Mr. Fox I definitely will big brother! Will be neat to see if it works with the 980m in SLI Ill let you know tomorrow some time! Update: Well it only throttled during the first test 2x, where normally it throttles about 8x in the first test and 2x in the 2nd test. BUT I still was unable to break 25k on the GFX scores. Time to see if a mild OC of 60/100 can work with out bringing the score down further. using the new j95 369.05 driver. 3dmark P18220 Update 2: the 60/100 OC caused throttling dropping the score 500+ Oh well it was worth a try. SLI just needs too much power these baby beast just can't hang anymore Oh well, it has been a good run. (not saying that it's not still a beast and can't play all games out currently on max settings. just that I can't see it able to get any faster for future games that come out 2 or 3 years from now) Probably upgrade next spring and join the BGA killing spree TEAM
  13. Ahh I see what you mean. @Prema is protecting us from our selves Thank you sir Yeah i just checked, he has non G-Sync cards, exact same as mine
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