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  1. oh god.. I need to lay off the weed. Definitely need to read more carefully next time. Thanks I was successful!
  2. Holy cow! first off the thread was a great help and very easy to follow. I managed to do everything correctly. booted into the dos and then fpt.exe -v204mod.bin -bios i get this does this mean im basically screwed? tried to search forums couldnt find another thread about it.
  3. gyneslayer

    Y500 WiFi Card

    I am in the exact same boat and I made a post about it if you dont want to hack your laptop you have to call lenovo directly. check my post here http://forum.techinferno.com/lenovo-ibm/6568-alternative-hacking-lenovo-approved-ideapad-y500.html
  4. gyneslayer

    Y500 WiFi Card

    I just purchased the netgear ac 1200 dual band r6200 under $100 at walmart. It is a dualband router that has 2 frequencies at 2.4ghz and 5.0ghz The Y500 will work on the lower frequency with the standard wifi adapter that came with the laptop. I also really like the built in security and smartphone app to monitor it! Works great so far, but I don't have a device compatible with the full 5ghz at 867mpbs which is kind of lame.
  5. After an hour on the phone with lenovo trying to find an alternative to hacking my laptop and voiding warranty i found the only solution. Im sure most of you have already been successful with hacking but I for one am not ready to risk it just yet. The alternatives are finding approved wireless cards within the lenovo manual here : http://download.lenovo.com/consumer/mobiles_pub/ideapad_y400y500_hmm_1st_edition_sep_2012_english.pdf on page 79 I managed to find only 2 network cards that will work with dual band routers. WLAN, WiFi 2x2 ABGN+BT4.0 Cbt BCM943228HMB Broadcomm ac but as far as I know its only 300mb 2x2ABGN+BT4.0 HMC item number: 20200221 priced at $54 dollars USD and WLAN, WiFi 2x2 ABGN+BT4.0 Liteon WB222 not much information can be found for this 2x2ABGN+BT4.0 HMC item number:20200225 priced at $34 USD. on top of that it is at least 10-16 dollars shipping depending on how fast you want it. I was hesitant to purchase them as I have already ordered an intel 7260 ac but had the stupid error network card not compatible. However, I managed to claim to Lenovo that my card was not working and the woman on the phone said that since my computer was under warranty they could send me one of the 2 cards instead of the piece of crap that it came with, I will update if it goes through. But for now I will continue to research an alternative to hacking the bios, I don't like the risk of a $2k paper weight
  6. Did you try hacking it or just updating via lenovo?
  7. I bought a thermaltake large fan. I find it gets it air conditioning temperature. perfect and cheap
  8. Check the Drivers first. thats usually the issue. was it the 7260 n or ac? try to delete the drivers, wipe with ccleaner and then redownload it Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 Plus Bluetooth*
  9. I would never take the risk with power adapters. In my experience It may not show any issues for the first couple months but eventually the battery could fry itself or you could have a samsung phone explosion. Just order the exact model from lenovo
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