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  1. JiTee

    Y500 WiFi Card

    Hi guys, I kept looking for wireless cards and found that, the Killer™ Wireless-N 1103. Do you guys think it could be a good choice? Otherwise, is there any other models from this company and is there other companies that could make good cards?
  2. JiTee

    Y500 WiFi Card

    Hi, I'm aware that I'll need to unlock the BIOS, but, I'm looking for a card that would work. I heard that the 6300N would work but I'm really not sure about it, one of my friend tried the lenovo version of it and it wasn't even recognized, but, his BIOS wasn't unlocked. Otherwise, thanks willywidget, I'm happy to see that the 6235N works, did you notice range and speed increase with the 2.4ghz too?
  3. I had a similar problem than you, when I used the battery profile "Optimized Battery Health", the battery charged to 60%, which is normal, but, when I switched it back to "Maximum Battery Life", it didn't get back to normal, the battery wouldn't charge anymore than 60%. But, I think it was a software malfunction, it came back when I did a fresh install on the computer and that I updated the BIOS.
  4. JiTee

    Y500 WiFi Card

    Hi, I recently bough a new router, from Netgear, and, only my pc has a card that doesn't support 450 mbps (It's the n900) and 5ghz band. I'm looking to buy a new one, that would be fast, that support 5ghz and that would fit and work in my Y500 from Lenovo. Thanks for the help.
  5. I have the first version of the laptop, that been shipped in November to Canada, and I never had any issue other than the driver crashing for no reason 1 time on 5 when I wake it up from sleep mode. My friend, that bought the exact same pc, but, this month, never had any problem on his side, not even the driver issue that I experience. Are they using different trackpads from synaptics (I'm aware that they used a trackpad from another company that I don't know the name off)? It's really weird that a lot of people experience different issues with it. Btw, I have the Synaptics version of the trackpad
  6. Some games, even if the screen tearing wasn't that much noticeable, gave me weird headaches when the vsync was off. I have 3 examples on my mind, Max Payne 3, Battlefield 2 (Project Reality) and Age of Empire 3. Otherwise, vsync always created weird fps drops in some games, like Black Ops 2 and Battlefield 3. So, I mainly stays off.
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