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  1. Thanks again Prema, I updated iGPU drivers (as it was the only one that wasnt updated) and now everything seems to be working without problems
  2. Hello, I upgraded BIOS for W350ST a few days ago, it seems to work fine and the fan isnt close to annoying like it used to be but whenever I open a program that displays information regarding GPU (GTX 765M btw), laptop restarts. So when I open GPU-Z or Geforce Experience or even when I run WEI just for the hell of it, the laptop restarts. I have uninstalled and reinstalled GPU drivers and the problem persists. But when when trying to game (whether BF2 or BF4 etc) the GPU works without any problems. The only programs that dont restart laptop are programs that dont really show much about GPU expect maybe name (like CPU Z) or Nvidia Inspector
  3. I used to use Arctic Silver 5 till I found out more about it, now I normally use Gelid GC-Extreme, sometimes Tuniq TX-4. Out of those two I like the GC more, I have noticed lower temps on desktop after changing from TX-4 to GC on my last clean up (by a few degrees on load and a couple degrees while in idle)
  4. Hello, Have been tinkering with a W350ST for awhile (undervolting, overclocking etc) and came across this site after reading up on some great custom BIOS that have been created by Prema, thought I could try one out and see for myself
  5. If you plan on overclocking processor then get the 8320 and save the $50, if you dont want to overclock CPU then get the 8350.
  6. It is known to get a bit on the hot side, especially after a bit of use and the accumulation of dust. I would look for a good laptop cooler, something like a Cooler Master Notepal x3 or the ZM-NC1000
  7. The 755M is a little better than a 750M SLI, the 755M is just a higher clocked 750M. So you can expect a slight bump in performance (of course, certain games dont work well with 2 GPUs but the 755M alone can give you good performance as well) From what I have seen, the prices for both are about the same, so I would go with the 755M SLI (if there is a noticeable price gap than get whichever one is cheaper)
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