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  1. I just aquired a M17x R4 a few days ago. I am still trying to figure every thing out with the switchable graphics and such but it seems nice. I'm intrigued by you saying you upgraded your GPU to the 780m from your old card and may try to give that a shot once I get confident with taking it apart.
  2. I've always loved the ID of Macbooks and the power they provide in a sleek package. I have a desktop for serious gaming and my Macbook Pro can handle many games on lower setting when I travel. Like one other post said though, you'll need to buy windows which adds cost.
  3. I'm running into this as well but it seems like the bios upgrade process is pretty painless even for a novice like myself. I'm just glad someone else is doing the hard part for me.
  4. I have been looking at this thinking it may help my problem. For some reason my computer is reporting that I do not have a sufficient power supply to run my discrete graphics. It seems a bit out of my technical ability but plus one for the idea.
  5. Will this unlock allow me to run my discrete graphics card even though my computer is telling me my power supply is insufficient. I just have the 660m so it can't be drawing that much power.
  6. As for my question. Will using the A11 unlocked bios allow me to run my discrete graphics even if my power supply is being detected as too weak?
  7. Someone mentioned earlier that you might not be able to go from a12 to a11.I have successfully moved from Stock A12 to Stock A11 so no issues there for me.
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