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  1. Greetings, and sorry for my first post being a question. I'm considering doing some major modding to an alienware alpha. I've stumbled across eGPU and trying to determine if I can run a system through the m.2 being used by the wifi/BT card. Problem is I don't quite understand how to determine what my module is to continue my research with the subject. I believe, I have a A - E m.2 module, which would be a PCIe x2...? Below is a picture of the exact wireless card I found on ebay (much better photo than my phone). http://imgur.com/N0eoarf
  2. I would get a cheaper case and put that money into a more important piece of the computer, like the CPU. The AMD FX-8320 Eight-Core is only 50 dollars more than the CPu you've already listed.
  3. beingben

    Laptop Cooler

    I would suggest building your own custom laptop cooler. If you've tinkered with any kind of DIY project before it's pretty much a breeze of measuring and cutting. You basically have three options in materials: Plexiglas, Wood, Sheet-Metal... I myself have made one of all three and my current laptop cooler is 1/8inch aluminum. They you can make it the viewing height you wish, or opt for an adjustable height. With your own cooler you get more wiggle room for extras like a fan controller and exactly where want the fans for placement is a huge help too.
  4. Hello I'm Ben. Currently double majoring in Computer Science and Computer Arts. I mainly stumbled across this site for a BIOS upgrade to my Laptop, but after browsing some of the topics and conversations I plan to do allot more than just that.
  5. beingben

    Laptop Cooler

    I suggest doing a custom cooler, cheapest one would be Plexiglas heated and bent, than you have wood, final would be sheet metal thinnest you can afford. I've personally did my final with 1/8inch aluminum and run three fans with a 3.5inch Fan controller beneath the setup.
  6. Survival Sandbox games are on the up and up right now. Currently juggling between Starbound, Dayz, MineCraft with TFCraft Mod, just to name a few.
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