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  1. upgradeability and use of desktop cpu is the strength of clevo notebooks. the xmg 705 is a good example. but it's a very sad and annoying point that the most important part of this notebook is still not upgradeable to a mxm 3 pascal card (gtx 980 to 1070 or 1080, 1060 is not worth).
  2. this upload solved my problem. many thanks for that fast response! tested all p-stages with gpu-tool. everyting works fine now with 344.75 whql driver. stresstest under P0 shows that card hast potential for 1100Mhz and more but 92 degree temp limit was already reached with 1000Mhz and normal cooling (which is loud enough for me). much more interesting for my needs is the P8 level. it is possible to raise gpu and mem to 800Mhz. which means a lot of power even in this lowest and energy efficient level and a cool and silently running notebook while forcing this level with nividia inspector. gaming up to mid range level is possible without significant limitations compared to the performance mode. update: tried some oc with the 8GB hynix mem. seems that the limitation of the memory is beyond unbelievable 3200Mhz without artifacts (tested not further to avoid any damage). i did an unigine heaven bench with stock mem 2,5Ghz and oc 3,1Ghz mem (with a nicely increased bandwidth of 200GB/s). framerate increased from 37 to 42 fps.
  3. yes, got type/comatibility mismatches warnings from nvflash before updating but i flashed with -6 parameter. windows reported device error until i reflashed to original bios. i have an ivy-GT70, seems to be different from haswell or/and from clevo. maybe a bios problem. i hope someone has reliable information about that.
  4. i tried to upgrade my ivy MSI gt70 with upgraded GTX 880m 8GB to the available 880m 8GB oc bios. i had no success. seems to be not compatible. i attach my 880mstockrom if someone is interested in evaluation or able to switch it to oc or just for recovery purposes. GT70880mstock.zip
  5. sorry this relates to the gpu thread. shifted![ATTACH=CONFIG]15043[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]15043[/ATTACH]
  6. important info for GT70 ivy bridge users with upgraded 880m 8GB: i tried to upgrade my 880m with the posted oc-bios. upgrade failed! nvflash showed mismatches during upgrade which i think is normal. windows could not start the device driver for the OC card. so i downgraded back to the previously saved stock.rom and everything is ok - but without OC if someone is interested to evaluate it - or even better - to switch it in an OC-version - I uploaded my 880m 8GB stock rom in the kepler bios related thread
  7. Small update. With unigine heaven I observed some random instability @ 1120Mhz. So my prime- and unigine heaven-stable value at 1.012 Volts is 1070 Mhz, whis is still much more than I expected.
  8. i did the 3dm11-standard test (1280x720). P6326 with 1075 gpu and 1075 (4300) mem: ScoreP6326 with Generic VGA(1x) and Intel Core i7-3630QM Processor 3DMark Score 6326.0 3DMarks Graphics Score 6264.0 Physics Score 7552.0 Combined Score 5413.0 Graphics Test 1 30.2 fps Graphics Test 2 29.3 fps Graphics Test 3 38.7 fps Graphics Test 4 18.6 fps Physics Test 24.0 fps Combined Test 25.2 fps and with my new silent/low voltage standard: 909@0.875v gpu + 1100(4400) mem: P5575 (5415 Graphics score)
  9. ok, thanks for feedback. what does your "no, I don't"-answer mean ? do you need a current bios to update (may I upload?) or does that mean that it is not planned to update the older unlocked bios to a current version ?
  10. so guys I finally tested the limits with some heartbeating. I don't want to melt my new notebook at 0.875V i can reach stable 912 Mhz gpu (i can't believe that!), at stock 1,012V I can reach a maximum of 1120 Mhz (both values witout artifacts gputool stability test). at 1150 Mhz a driver reset occurred. at stock voltage the fan is uncomfortably loud and I reached the 82C. I thougt your values were fun but i'm impressed. the oc-potential of the kepler-gpus seem to be really incredible. due to high temperatures and the unknown limitations of the gpu-components I don't raise voltage higher than stock rating...
  11. I simply have no game, which needs more then the undervolted 870Mhz +4400Mhz memory. for me it's the best compromise of relatively high fps + silent fan. the games I play run perfectly in fullhd with this settings. I tested the gpu up to 950 Mhz (stock voltage) without a significant gain of fps but with a lot more heat. so I leave the settings as discribed and can recommend it for common use.
  12. no, this is a misunderstanding. I just didn't go further with the gpu (but I assume much more potential, because the card is capable of stable 870Mhz undervolted with 0.875V, which is enough for me and it guarantees a silent fan). The memory was the limiting factor here. up to 4400Mhz it worked stable but beyond i got artifacts with gputool.
  13. here my positve feedback flashing my gt70 nv gtx 675mx 2gb with svl7-oc-vbios. i did some tests (cpu not to the limit). stable result: 893Mhz GPU, 4424Mhz mem without artifacts. 3dmark vantage gpu value raised from 16800 to 21200. not bad...
  14. fan control works great on my gt70. thank you for this useful post! i use the 16f2-12 settings with the default profile.
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