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  1. I did the unlocked bios mod for my Y510p laptop and the Removable Graphics/ extra graphics card is still not being detected. Only the main GPU is. It won't pop up in device manager or GPU-Z. I will probably be returning this since I was told that the older Y510p laptops were not supposed to be compatible with SLI. I have been trying to get this to work for months now and I am sick of it. It was a false advertisement on their site so I will be getting a full refund. How do you restore the BIOS back to normal?
  2. I actually sent the laptop in so they can update the BIOS but when I got it it still wasn't working. I later found out that their was an error on their site because they advertised the older y510p versions as SLI compatible. I'm going to try and see if the BIOS mod works. If not, I am getting a refund. Too bad they aren't selling the better 755m SLI version right now
  3. Is it worth it to hack the bios? I got the laptop without the newer wireless anntenna, SSD, or SLI graphics card. I later got the graphics card but found out it was not compatible with the older models. Should I do a BIOS hack or should I just get a full refund and get another one. I just found out that they took the best version with the 755m and newer anntenna off the site. They are selling the one with the 750m sli with SSD for $1,199 but not with the newer wireless card. Should I just get a full refund and get that one? I'm not sure that they will sell the 755m SLI version again. I would have to return 3 items including the laptop. I'm afraid that the BIOS will stop working or something in the future when my warenty expires. Is there a way to restore back to the original BIOS? I'm hoping that this BIOS mod will work. I'm more concerned about the second graphics card than the wireless anntenna.
  4. I got mine in August so it probably doesn't have a SSD connector. Could I still install ssd? I only have HDD
  5. Check out this cooling pad
  6. I called Lenovo Tech support many times and they could not find out why the Removable Graphics card (Utrabay) couldn't be detected. One person finally said that they had an error on their site and that I had an older version of the Y510p that was advertised as SLI compatible. They said that they can give me a full refund but I already have the extra graphics card and 170w adapter. Would this work for the ultrabay if my Y510p supports it but not detecting it at all? I'm guessing it has something to do with the Bios. If not then it is a hardware incapability. I think many people are having the same problem. Sorry I'm very new with this forum site and bios mods.
  7. I sent my laptop to Lenovo so that they would fix the sli problem. They said that they updated the bios but it is still not working. Hopefully this works
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