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  1. Hello i have been here for a while cant remember the day i regged but finally decided to post something well here it is im a software developer/ PC Tech/ Phone Tech/ Jack of all trades hit me up if you need anything.
  2. Intel cards are good for software updates as far as others Broadcom work well but my best experience has been with Atheros. I am about to update the card in my Y500 after i mod my bios
  3. Honestly Hangouts works well for this you can even share your screen on it. It will auto switch to the person speaking.
  4. I have roughly 60 games on steam and roughly own about 100 total
  5. dex

    Ryzen delid

    Very cool video going to watch the next one he has on it
  6. Glad to see this is still relevant lol looking forward to using it
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