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  1. Yea well unfortunately Clevo is not available in our country and shipping makes the computer pretty expensive and I´m not talking about warranty processes either. I´ve made my choice, saved some cash and bought the GX60. I guess it´s the best price / power ratio for my usage (skyrim, DX HR), I´m not a hardcore player
  2. Hey guys, I´ve decided to get a new laptop mainly for gaming. I want to buy a laptop that´s worth for me - it should last as long as it can but it´s price should be up to 1600$. These are some PCs that I´m thinking of: MSI GX60 - comes with AMD A10-5750M in combination with AMD Radeon HD8970M without SSD HDD and 8gigs of RAM - price is 1200$ & Warranty lasts 2 years - my conclusion is that the price is pretty good for a GPU like this, unfortunately the GPU gets buried with pretty weak CPU. It can handle most nowadays games, but how will it perform in two or three years (if new games will use more CPU, the GPU can`t save it, right)? ASUS G750JX - this handy guy comes with i7-4700 HQ Quad core CPU in combination with NVidia 770m without SSD HDD and 8gigs of RAM - price is 1600$ & Warranty lasts 2 years - it´s pretty combination and it´s capable to play all of nowadays games in superb quality and most probably it will be capable of playing new games in few years MSI GT70 0NE-822 - this machine is my favourite one. It´s older model equipped with Intel Core i7 3630QM Ivy Bridge with Nvidia 680M graphics, 16GBs of RAM and 2SSD HDDS in Raid + 750GB HDD. - price is 1500$ & Warranty lasts just one year - I think this machine rocks and leaves the other two behind no matter it`s older model, but it`s the most powerful model of it`s series. I`ve made my decision and will buy this one in 8 hours, but I still can give it back in 14 days without any additional fees etc. Maybe your opinions could change my mind or affirm that I did the right thing. What would be your decision? And should I be scared because of just the 1 year warranty? How big is the risk of mobo getting blown? What are the options of upgrading this model? And could there be a benefit if I unlocked the Bios with mods that can be found on this page? I can`t wait to read your replies guys
  3. John

    MSI G-Series Unlocked BIOS

    Hey guys, I´m planning to buy an older PC with 1 year warranty for just 1500 bucks. It´s MSI GT-70 0ne, which I think is really worth the money and comes with 1 year warranty also. As an old tweaker I´d like to ask you if some of those BIOSes really fits my new laptop (I guess the 3rd gen core GT-70 should be the correct one). But I´ll rather ask cuz it´s better to be safe than sorry. I wouldn´t really like to brick my new PC by some nonsense fault. Thanks a lot for your answer guys. // edit So I changed my mind and bought GX60 instead, bcs the GT70 was in showroom with 2500 persons / day and used pretty hard for a year, so it was not as good choice as it seemed to be. Tried to unlock the bios with bios mod MSI GX60 in here, but it seems it´s for older GX60 models. I have the BE3 model with A10 / 8970m, so I´ve already requested mod. Hope it comes soon
  4. Hey guys, my name is John and I´m a PC fan since I was a little boy. Few years back I got interested in nowadays consoles (360/ps3) and started to experiment with those ones. If I look back to my teen years, I loved to overclock every piece of HW I had (you know, poor student had to do this stuff). So I´ve OC´d old Celeron 300A slot CPUs by raising the voltage bypassing some pins with the nail-polish etc. Yea, those years were pretty fun. My masterpiece was overclocking Amd Athlon 1700+ JIUHB series to 2700 + with modded Radeon 9500Pro to 9700 by unlocking the locked pipelines. That was definitely worth the upgrade. Anyway I´m pretty old, father of two little girls, and I come from the heart of Europe - the Czech republic ) I don´t know what else to tell you guys, feel free to ask me )
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