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  1. You are talking right on the edge of gaming computers when you say playing "high with NO lag" on graphics for something like those two games. You are going to want a medium to high end gfx card. Or i should say, you are not going to want a standard integrated card. You already knew that. What i was going to say is that you are going to either have to sacrifice screen size for performance or vice versa. A laptop to handle gaming well have to have space to fit the hardware which means a large screen, typically 17"+. Enough of this computer lesson, I did a look and think i found something right up your alley cut down the middle. Newegg.com - Lenovo G505s (59378837) AMD A-Series A8-5550M (2.10GHz) 4GB Memory 500GB HDD 15.6" Notebook Windows 8 This seems to satisfy what you are looking for.
  2. You have two very close choices. Refurbished isn't a bad thing but it is an unknown thing. They can't sell it if it doesn't work. The cause of having the laptop sent back and repaired could have been as trivial as a scratch on the screen, or bad RAM. One thing I am wondering is if that refurbished is all covered in warranty, I am assuming so. That choice is just then your peace of mind. (Just knowing there WAS something wrong and they "FIXED" it) As for the competitors, I think Alienware has premiums for their products and that you are buying a name. A friend has had a hell of a time dealing with them when he bought his laptop and their customer service was lacking. I have only read good things about Clevo's. I own one and it is powerful but it has some quirks that must have only been present in my computer. That gfx card will handle anything out there right now, you don't NEED SLI. As last words, both will perform well. If the Alienware is warrantied and you are fine with that peace of mind "refurbished" that is a good deal. But I personally sway to the clevo
  3. Of what you listed Skyrim for sure. But depends on what you like and if you want more stand-alone single player or getting lost in online play. The largest games (not saying the best but they are large for a reason) are League of Legends and World of Warcraft. AION is another free MMO that I think is visually pleasing.
  4. I agree with the idea that a mouse is personal preference. Go to your best buy and try out some of the ones they have on display, (Usually they will be Razers). The G700 has been the best mouse I have ever owned. Its' features are what was perfect for me (well except for maybe having a few more buttons) but it gets down to as small as if you want your wheel to click or run smooth.
  5. I was wondering if anyone has experience with the dis-assembly of a x7200 (battalion) to get to the motherboard. I know of the user manual describing how to get the to the RAM trays and HD. I am stuck on the right-sided plastic tray underneath the keyboard. I wanted to see if anyone had helpful hints on what they did or what to watch out for. (If anyone was wondering about why I need to get to it, I am having the powering issues like DR650SE's http://forum.techinferno.com/clevo-sager/4971-need-help-x7200-issues-im-lost.html post)
  6. I hope you figured out what the problem is without it being too expensive. I am having the original problem you had with the comp not powering up. Was the motherboard hard to remove? I was wondering if you had any helpful tips. Right now I'm having problems with the plastic tray on the right underneath the keyboard. (I would have PM'd but there are those post requirements)
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