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  1. Hi, One of my fans is making irregular sounds. It's impossible to find out which one it is. So I've been looking around for the fans PN: "XHW5W J77H4 P0DG8" Is it ok to buy the chinese replica fans which are sold on Ebay and Aliexpress? Original OEM parts are 30$ more per fan. I have put a lot of time in improving the temps with the 880M's on full blast. I fear that it will not be the exact same spec and air will escape between the fan outlet and the fins. I've had this before on Clevo models, absolutely horrid for temps. Thanks and greetings, MK
  2. @J95 Do I just express install those over eachother after using DDU and then stay at 368.25?
  3. Hi Guys, My 18xR2 with dual 880M is behaving super weird while playing The witcher 3. It keeps on throttling while temps are all well under 80 degr C. I tried all the standard stuff. Power options, driver update, maximum performance in Nvidia settings etc. Greetings, MK Specs: M18xR2 Dual 880M 3840qm 32GB Ram
  4. Well in the changelog it said something like "Added windows 8 compatibility". I was worried that problems would develop for A10. I can flash to stock A10 from the alienware website and use the tools provided by Dell? --> then donwload the unlocked bios and flash to A10 unlocked from DOS using the instructions of the OP. I do have the Recon3Di bug, read a lot about it so I just decided to live with it. I go to sleep and then wake it up to fix it when it occurs. Fine with me.
  5. It has been a while but in case you still need an answer. I think the card you are looking for is the AMD 7970M. It is cheap it is the highest performing AMD card together with the 8970M (which has the same performance) and you stay with AMD which makes things easier. You can use the heatsink which is on the 6990M now. I upgraded from the 6990M too just make sure that your card is of "Vbios 015.021"! I got send a card with Vbios 015.022 you couldnt even flash it because the system didn't even see the card let alone run in windows. Also you need 1mm thermal pads with at least 5w/mk (higher is better but not really necassary) in case the old ones teared when you take of the 6990M
  6. I still use Noctua NT-H1... I have always felt it was better than all the others. Especially because I get the feeling that a lot of hype surrounding pastes is often exaggerated. I get temps just as low if not lower than IC diamond which is 3x times the price. Thanks for the comparison! bookmarked
  7. If you want to show the startup bios etc. to show up via HDMI that is impossible. But I have this setup and all you have to do is set "change what closing the lid does" on 'nothing'. If you got problems you can check AMD catalyst center for display settings. Desktop management --> creating and arranging Desktops.
  8. I have the official A12 bios. If I put it on PEG the only thing I get are 8 beeps and only when I reset bios it will start up again. I am in the process of flashing to unlocked bios right now. edit: Flashed to A12 unlocked bios. Disabled "internal graphics device" and put primary display on PEG. Get 6 beeps while starting up.
  9. Hi all, I installed a new 7970M in my m17xR3 and it will not detect in the bios doesn't matter what I do. Reseated it multiple times, used different pads, reset bios, tried flashing vBIOS (lol no card to flash), did on battery power and on psu. I am out of ideas, help would be very appreciated M17xR3 2720QM 6990M (originally) --> 7970M A12 bios 12GB memory
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