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  1. Pekux, what is your recommendation for the best SSD? Almecho, Ive always heard to use the supplied software, to transfer with the magician, and so on. But I would really like to do a clean install if win7, just swap in the blank drive and boot from an install disc I have. Can I set up the over-provisioning and turbo-boost options once I have it up and running?
  2. I have been swaying back and forth over which one to get, and now I am back to PRO. It may not fit the best performance/price ratio but it does perform better, especially from some of the reviews I have read, it performs better in critical areas like 60mb/s faster in sustained data transfer as tested by Cnet, thats combined read/write operating as the OS drive as well. I think looking at the price ratios will lead you away from the obviously superior drive. Its only $60 more than the EVO and I can justify that by skipping two pizzas and a bottle of whiskey.
  3. I hobby around with computers, but am mostly a mechanic. So I figured if you all help me with computers I can help you with cars/trucks/engines/basically anything that moves lol. Ive done full engine rebuilds, custom chassis work, and even some new-fangled import tuning. Im pretty good at troubleshooting just from dealing with almost everything myself already. So let me know whats going wrong or just share your cool ride My Garage: 1978 Ford Bronco 1992 F150 (inline 6 and 5sp manual, booyah!) 1997 4runner (x2, auto and manual) 1988 Mercedes 300 SEL
  4. So excited to get this mod, my wifi takes almost two minutes to recover from sleep! Then half the time it doesnt even pick up wifi again, says there are no available networks. So of course i put it back to sleep and wake up again, poof they magically appear. When I run the troubleshooter, windows just says wifi adapter is turned off. This is just crazy!
  5. I see the last post for SSDs, at least 2.5", is from 2014, and there are some new products on the market, or at least new prices. So my question is, regarding specific performance on the y510p with SLI, Is the Samsung 850 EVO just as good as the 850 Pro or is the Pro really worth the extra hundred bucks? What makes the Pro cost so much more? Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge!
  6. I gave up on my mac a few years ago, but I did have a lot of fun with a triple boot setup using rEFIt. rEFIt - An EFI Boot Menu and Toolkit Its an EFI boot menu and although there are no recent updates, there was nothing to really improve upon from the original. This should give you, or anybody, another viable option to bootcamp, plus the added option of linux boot. Its super easy to install and comes with its own disk utilities to run on its EFI menu.
  7. Hey all! Karl here, Lenovo Y510p 16gb and dual 750's 1TB combo solid state/disk drive, shouldve got the full SSD to begin with, but thatll come soon enough Use it mostly as a basic laptop, but do a lot of 3d modeling and structure/flow analysis on the side right now just pissed off about constant wifi problems
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