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  1. In sli mode - no, so no addition to games graphic power. But you could always use secondary gpu to work with some math or bitcoin software via cuda api, if you need to.
  2. The best answer is to transform R1 to R2, and install after that 3940xm. Graphic system is up to your budget, just remember that one gpu of higher generation is better generally than two sli/crossfire cards of previous generations.
  3. Hello! Do you guys have 3-pipe cpu heatsinks like this one. I was told that after installing it temperature drops on about 10 degrees celsius.
  4. Check out this site. They have decent collection of nice adapters with sma connectors.
  5. Hello! Here is my 2 cents: I'd prefer to use Arctiс Silver, but it need about a week to polimerize (?) to start working perfectly, as expected. So now I'm on mx-2 and pretty satisfied.
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