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  1. Okay so here is an update for you guys after 2 weeks of using this card. I have flashed the vbios of my Asus GTX 780 Direct CU II to Now I am able to "overclock" this card properly because before it would throttle all over the place once it hit above 70 C. I have overclocked with Core +150 mhz and Memory + 400 mhz temps on idle are around low 30s and load are around high 60s never pass the 70 mark. I have scored about 42k on 3dmark vantage. stock gtx titan only get about 39k on 3dmark vantage. After a few weeks in of using this beast (Asus GTX 780 Direct CU II) I love it the temps are really low I had gtx 580s with aarctic cooling xtreme plus II before this and they are no where near what Asus Direct CU II can do, as for performance wise this is more than enough for what I do (video rendering, gaming, programming, surfing the net) Did I mention I got this card for only $349.99
  2. @kh90123 I have a few questions for you - Where did you get the M18x R2 fans and are they working properly after changing to the M18x R2 fan? - What about the gpu fan does the M18x R2's gpu fan fits on our alienware 17? - Did you manage to get HWinfo64 to work for both GPU and CPU fans? Thanks
  3. No I do not have any type of cooler. The reason is because i don't like my laptop to be sitting at an angle. But i did think about that.
  4. I just downloaded this and I can't get it to work it said something about not compatible with Window64 and wheni got the bit version ofnvflash it said it is outdated and it wont allow me to flash my bios where can I find the correct version of nvflash?
  5. Okay so I have found out that the process needed a little bit more thermal paste than usual [ [] ] <-- thats how much thermal paste ABOUT (look at it horizontally). Addition to that I changed the voltage on the 4930mx because the default voltage is more than necessary. Also I lowered my Core Voltage with XTU to 1.100V to help bring the temps down running at 3.98 GHZ
  6. Well I have decided to go with the Asus GTX 780 Direct CU II as a replacement of my old GTX 580 sli. Now I am considering upgrading my motherboard from 1366 to 1150 (Asus Maximus IV Hero) and i7 980x to i7 4770k. Is that a good idea or i should just stick with the i7 980x.
  7. But I read some reviews that the asus GTX 780 Direct CU II can be as good as a titian with just some overclocking and it is at LEAST $200 difference in price
  8. Well I tried contacting them straight to the alienware TECH department and a person answered. They said they are going to replace all the fans/ heatsinks in the laptop. I doubt that will fix the issue..... I might just mess with the voltage settings for the cpu. ill report back if i find any sign of improvement.
  9. So which one would you perfer? Either Asus GTX 780 Direct Cu II or GTX 780 Ti reference
  10. If you decided to purchase alienware make SURE you get the 18 because it got the bass and it IS so much better. Only 18 has the little bass speaker.
  11. If you reboot the system keep on hitting F8 then you will get to a boot option screen select "Diagnostic" and one of the first few tests include screen calibration.
  12. Hi, I just purchased an alienware 17 about 2 months ago and the cpu is constantly overheating/shutdown when I am rendering a video with adobe premiere pro. While I game it will hit about 100 C. I have repasted a couple of times and still stuck with the same result. I tried using HWinfo64 to try to control the fans speed, however when i manually control the fans speed the GPU fan will not be functional after I set it as custom fan speed. Any clue of how I can reduce the heat on the CPU ?
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