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  1. just came back to the forum and it seems I can't download the vbios anymore
  2. slv7 you have made everything I need for m17/18x possible. thank you so much for your contribution
  3. if you only want the 880m to be stable and not burning up, my solution is to flash back to the OEM Dell bios, use 327.23 modded driver, then use Nvidia inspector to lower the voltage(around 0.25 v? I don't remember the exact number..) 880m with modded bios can overclock all the way up to 1089mhz as I've tested, then it will shut down your laptop(not driver crash)in 5 mins due to ultra high temp.
  4. thanks for the bios Does anyone know the voltage for the 880m bios? It seems I can't find it.. 880m's temp goes up pretty high in few mins.
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