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  1. About 6-8 years ago I had a lenovo thinkpad with a great matte display, very clear, very crisp. Since then Ive had 2 or 3 more matte screens, and none of them have been as good as that first Thinkpad I had. They all seem to have that sparkly effect, and it really strains my eyes. Because of this, ive been swaping glossy panels in everything I get with a matte display. Im doing it right now in the p150sm I just got with the matte (didnt have option for glossy). Dont know why, but ive never had a matte display as good as the first thinkpad, my vote goes to glossy.
  2. I just would first like to thank everyone on here for the help that you have given me over the past week with my new laptop P150sm-a.... love it... so far.... kinda... I have searched everywhere hi and low, read tons of threads front to back and cant find a answer to the problem im having. Just as a back ground, I flashed my bios with prema's mod, and want to say thank you for the great work. I also flashed my 880m with svl7 vbios, and would like to say thank you again for making this card work. After this I was playing around with fire strike trying to see what base scores I could get. While running this I was noticing that my gpu was hitting 94c constantly. For the record it was hitting this on the stock vbios as well. I played a couple of games and was hitting 94c as well. So I checked out the heat sinks, re pasted like 5 times to try and get it lower,did the tape mod, but didnt have any luck. So I thought maybe ill run the card at stock clocks, and under volt it to make it run cooler. I first used nvidia inspector, and took one click increments in lowering the voltage. I ended up getting it down -62.5.mv and was running 18c cooler than 94c, I thought great, and seemed stable. I fired up crysis 3, and my driver crashed, so I moved the voltage up one notch, and driver crashed again. I should also note that i also tried overclocking the card abit when running fire-strike, with under volting, and crashed the driver maybe 4 times total. After all of this, nvidia inspector, would not let me make changes to speed, or voltage settings, for maybe 30 mins, came back and tried a few more settings. Crashed the driver maybe twice after that, and now I cant change anything. Ive reinstalled the drivers maybe 4 times, re-flashed vbios maybe twice more, and no matter what, I cant change anything in nvidia inspector. It will give me the option to change them, but after I hit apply set clocks, they just shoot right back to stock. If anybody can ive me some insight to what maybe going on, would be of huge help. Ultimately im just trying to get the machine right now to play crysis 3, at stock clocks, and not hit 94c!!!
  3. I did find a adapter for the cable, cost like $3. I figure I would try that, make sure it can handle the through put. If it can, it will save me from having to tear the two PSU's apart, and breaking out my soldering gun. If not, owell, i'll just solder it on the base, and be done.
  4. Ive just ordered a dell pa-9e 240w adapter for my setup (i7-4810, gtx 880m) I'll post my findings when I receive it.
  5. Still patiently wait for my NP8268-S to come in the mail, should only be a couple days away now. As ive been waiting, ive been thinking about all the mods im going to be completing on it. Then I had noticed I have alot of laptop RAM laying around the house, and just wanted to get a idea from everyone on the boards here, on which way I should go. 1- Stick with the stock ram thats coming with it, (2x4) 8gb ddr3 1333, Dont know what manufacture. 2- Swap in (2x8) 16gb ddr3 1333 Crucial ram? 3- Swap in (2x4) 8gb ddr3 1600 Ramaxel ram? Im tempted to swap in the faster Ramaxel ram.... but then again dont know if thats going to be of any benefit to going with slightly slower, double the ram 16gb? Also Ive never even heard of Ramaxel, I dont know if there a good manufacture, or "re branding" of ram units. Please bare with me in this probably simple question. Ive built many desktops, laptops, for myself / friends / work, but stopped about 8 years ago. So in that 8 years some things have changed, and are new to me, and im still trying to get a handle on whats in the market today. Primarily the naming nightmare, lol i7 this, i3 that, gtx 780m is a re branded what?.... lol so on, and so on. Thank you for any help of insight.
  6. deadsmiley, thanks for the post and the pics, definitely going to help me when I take mine apart to check it out.
  7. Dont mean to bring this thread back from the dead, but My question is along these lines. In the future I wanted to upgrade the gtx 880m in the P150sm. Has anybody here heard if the form factor and interface will be the same for the gtx 980M? Ive been searching everywhere and cant seem to find any information on it. I understand its still quite some time til its supposed release, just wondering if anybody hear has heard.
  8. I personally have not done this yet myself, but ive been thinking about do it. Ive read a good number of threads were people have been doing this with some success. Recommed 180W / 220W power supply for P150EM? The link is a good thread to read about it, when I personally get my laptop (just ordered a p150sm-a) Im going to be buying a dell pa-9e. Im just going to take the brick apart, then solder the stock clevo cord into place. Ill post some pics and some findings when I complete it, but it might not be for another week or so....... cant wait!!
  9. Well, sounds like when I do receive this laptop, im going to have to just pull it apart, and take alook around to see what I can mess with. Im also seeing folks here and there are modifying the backing plate under the laptop for better airflow. To bad there wasn't a factory fix being done for this since I do carry my laptops quite alot. I wouldn't want to grab it by a custom made vent out of wire mesh, and push it into a fan.
  10. Just picked up a p150sm-a, having received it in the mail yet, but should be coming soon. I having done this in awhile, and im alittle nervous about flashing a bios on something I just paid good money for. My question is though ive read through almost the whole thread and dont see any mention of a V2 for the sm-a model. At this point is V1 what you have avabile for the A model? Just wondering, making sure im getting the newest bios.
  11. I just ordered a p150sm... my second sager in like almost 8 years. I think the first one I had had a 9800m gt in it, or something like that. My question is though, I see most of this is talking about the EM, does anybody here have any experience as to if some of these problems were fixed with the SM model? I just order the laptop, and probably wont be seeing it for at least another week. Im just trying to get everything i need together before hand so I can get this thing overclocked, and running cool!! Also I dont know if this changes anything or not, but I got it with the GTX 880m.
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