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  1. Correct, and with Optimus you really don't need to "switch" between the two graphics processors. There are two ways to determine what GPU is used for an application, either whitelist the application through the NVidia Control Panel (3D Settings), or, by right clicking on the desktop icon and select to "run with Graphics Processor" and select the GPU you wish to run the app with.
  2. This place Alienware M14x parts is based out of Singapore, prices seem kinda high to me though.
  3. That really sucks, she must have been REALLY mad at you. (and pretty tech savvy to know to do that)
  4. senzazn12, I know you purchased the 4930MX and posted the results on the NotebookReview forum, you might want to post them here for people that are not on both boards. I know when we discussed the upgrade via the NotebookReview forum my main concern was going to be the increased wattage that the 4930MX requires vs. the 4700/4900 that comes stock in the AW14. Did you have to go with a higher wattage power supply, or were you able to still use the stock? and, have you tried running on just battery to see how it performs?
  5. Any computer/laptop is going to suffer performance problems if they get full of dust. The systems are designed to "throttle down" the CPU/GPU speed as the temperature rises (and hits a certain threshold). You should be cleaning your computer systems on a regular basis, especially a gaming rig, as the fans will normally run high and the system will run fairly warm. A regular cleaning with compressed air and occasional repasting will help your system run cooler and last longer.
  6. I agree on re-pasting. It is really not that difficult, just take your time, make note of where everything is (take pictures if you need to) be careful to note where specific screws are placed as some laptop vendors use different length screws. I just recently repasted my AW14 and purchased a somewhat premium thermal paste. It was well worth the money (if you are going to the trouble of taking the laptop apart to repaste, make it worth it and use a quality paste). The paste that I used is the THERMAL PROLIMATECH | PRO-PK3-5G The 5 Gram size runs about $15.00, you could also go with the 1.5G and that should be good for a couple of repastes. (I got the 5 Gram as I have quite a few desktop computers as well and want to use this paste on those when I get ready to repaste).
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