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  1. Hope your enjoying the M18x!

  2. I ordered 3 a few weeks ago and they didnt ask any questions.
  3. do we know for sure that the nebula red is holding up orders? i asked my sales guy and he said the lead time was the same for black/red.
  4. order shipped today for the heat sinks. ill let you guys know in a couple days if they are the correct parts.
  5. I received the IC Diamond 24 yesterday. Thank you very much and I will post my results once I receive my laptop.

  6. Yah, I'll get another one ordered tomorrow.
  7. yah i thought that also. here is what is listed on the order. HD9NJ 1 Assembly,Heatsink,Central Processor Unit,QC XE,M18X $18.99 hopefully its the right one.
  8. Just finished chatting with a sales guy online. I was able to purchase the XE heatsink for 18.99 + SH. EDD for that is 7/19. 8 Days before my laptop arrives.
  9. I called Dell and was speaking to the guys in the parts department and they seemed to think I would be able to get it. He just couldnt give me details on which was the dual piped cooler. I will try again tomorrow and let you guys know the results.
  10. I was looking at the parts list. Is the heat-sink we are after one of these? HD9NJ Heat Sink, CPU, Qual Core, XE X4KPF Heat Sink, CPU, Qual Core ***im slow today. is XE short for extreme edition?
  11. Yah I might call back and change the cpu also. Not sure how happy my sales guy is going to be if I do this for the second day in a row.
  12. do the factory alienware 2920xms come with a different heatsink?
  13. I was able to get Dell to change my order and replace the 6970s with 6990s for no additional cost. EDD is now 7/27.
  14. I'm seeing it on the US Alienware site as an option now. Now to see if I can update my order.
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