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  1. Oh and Dell recommends A14 for Windows 8.1... Will A13 still work with 8.1?
  2. Not sure about a11 but there is an A13 now incase you haven't seen it yet
  3. Many people have many different opinions about the m14x and AW laptops in general. I'm not going to lie - I have had several issues with my m14x (BSOD's, throttling, lighting problems) but once you use a lesser laptop you realise just how much of a beast it is. And when i think back on it, most of the issues i've had are the result of my own tinkering . Certainly the throttling at GPU temp of 67C causes me to outbreak in fits of rage but not so much as trying to load... well... anything on my gf's sony thing that is newer and almost as expensive as mine. I'm not going to boast that there are no better valued laptops out there - there definitely are (especially if u live in the US; us Aussies arent so lucky ). But they just don't have that awe factor that the alienware does. That feeling that elicits a nerdy giggle when u first open the box. ^ My 2c.
  4. Got Battlefield 4 today so going to give this a shot. Will report back on my findings/noobie tips
  5. I believe u can use it in legacy mode. It is only if you are in UEFI before using the mod that you will need to change it back to UEFI after installing it
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