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  1. Yes, it gives me 1050MHz. But it makes no difference if the memory clock is set to 2000MHz or 2800 MHz (on 3000 MHz it is not stable, even not with stock clock)
  2. That seems to be reason - my M14x is from March. I wanted to repaste it with IC diamond as well - when i was able to oc the gpu. This far i dont have temp/throttle problems, so I just leave it as it is.. That i can not overclock more than 100/2800 is not a temp problem as i am in the 50s. Today at work I even put a piece of dry ice under the vent opening - makes no difference (and temps were in the 40s)...
  3. Thank you very much for answer svl - But I am not sure if I got your answer right. I am not suffering throttling/downclocking issues. The benchmark just quits at some point and i get a system message saying the driver has crashed. I didnt OC something for years and saw most guys getting ~ +250/+1000 which is much more than I reach. So a higher voltage could make the gpu more stable at higher clocks, couldnt it? Edit: Is any other reason imaginable besides a weak 650m? Like driver issues or sth? I will definitly check it out when the mod is done
  4. Hi all, i just flashed the unlocked A11 BIOS and gave overclocking the 650m a try. Unfortunatly, I can not reach the speeds other do by far. The maximum I can reach is +100/+800 withouth getting driver fails.. Temps are in the 50s so it is not a temp problem. Would adjusting voltages make any sense? Or is it just a "bad" 650m I have? Thank you guys very much!
  5. I've just watched "Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl". When you like japanese style trash-action movies, this is a must watch! I just love it!
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