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  1. Well thats up to you to decide really. Do you need the extra power? For example you can save those extra $200 and SLI in the future... Both are awesome cards, 780 with non reference coolers can overclock like hell and they have great results, matching the 780ti, (although it can overclock too, but since we are talking about reference not as much). So in my opinion you should go with 780 non-reference OR wait for 780ti non-reference (if you dont care for that extra money).
  2. vmanuelgm just for the record, how much could you achieve with stock bios? Those results are great by the way!!! Wish mine would do the same xD
  3. Since you have a aftermarket cooler, you should have tried the Classified ou ACX bios, though you dont specify your problem.
  4. I know the store (well i buy them watercooling for a few years now) and they are great, Even if you want your own custom backplate you just need to talk to them and they can make it. There are some custom made backplates over the internet (i suppose i cant talk about other forums so i iwll not say its name) and they are really great.
  5. Svl7 sorry for asking this question again, i read your post but i dont know if windforce gas a custom board or not (and you dont have a special bios to this card), so do you know which of your bios works with gigabyte 780 windforce oc? Thanks
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