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  1. Great work ! i'll donate as soon as i have it up and running i have a Killer 1202 that i really really want to install. I simply can't understand why the would put in a lousy wireless card in a gaming laptop !
  2. Hey guys, i thought i would start a little thread where people post awesome music video's i will start with this great fractal inspired video.
  3. Looks awesome, dont think we have anything like this here in copenhagen.
  4. Here is a little list of great chill out artists and albums. It's perfect for coding Abakus - Silent Geometry Flume - Flume Bonobo - The North Border Carbon Based Lifeforms - World of sleepers, Interloper, Hydroponic Garden Emancipator - Dusk Till Dawn, Safe On the steep cliffs, Soon it will be cold enough Tycho - Dive, Past is prologue Blackmill - Miracle I have lots more where that comes from, so post if you want more
  5. Personally i think it's great to see america lead the way here since no one followed Holland. But there are a cry to end the war on drugs globally ! Read this little article Kofi Annan: Stop 'war on drugs' - CNN.com .
  6. The wolverine - much better that the first one ! enjoyed it alot Thor 2 - Also better than the first one. packed with action from the beginning to the end
  7. Hi all. im new. Im trying to make my lenovo ideapad y510p boot with a new wireless card.
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