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  1. svl7 you do vBIOSa modes for Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 (for 650m & 750m SLI)?
  2. You don't understand me. I have a laptop with 2x650m GPU. but I thought that with the GPU 750 may be the same problem
  3. Klem and for 750m GPU please. I think there may present the same problem
  4. in MSI Afterburner increases the frequency of the core 350mhz, memory clock +600mhz, when applying the load on the GPU (aida64) observe differences in the frequency of the core (1139mhz integrated and 1186mhz Ultrabay) in consequence of which the laptop starts to freezing, on the previous firmware this was not observed
  5. Hi svl7! Lenovo has updated vBios for UltraBay GPU (SLI) to work correctly with windows 8.1. Please unlock it in this topic Backups attachment. P.S.I have sent you a donate for a beer =) SLI 650m - SLI 750m - 80.07.9D.00.3D.zip
  6. Satenex

    Windows 8.1

    i'm bad speak/write on english =( sorry
  7. add. the name of the file must be 8 characters +. rom
  8. Satenex

    Windows 8.1

    2Florin, i don't understand you.. at the moment I have Lenovo Y500 with the BIOS v2.02 unlocked and "Y500 - Y400 - SLI 650m - - OC.ROM" this bios for the second GPU, that is all I can overclock the GPU.But on windows 8.1, you must update the BIOS to the second GPU earned SLY, but to my knowledge when updating the BIOS second GPU it can not overclock.
  9. Hi guys, at the moment is a mod BIOS v2.02. to deliver a mod BIOS v2.04 I want: a) on top of a mod BIOS update v2.02 roll back to v2.02 (no mod) and flash the mod v2.04 c) roll back to v2.00 (no mod) and flash v2.02 and then v2.04 mod decided to this problem
  10. Satenex

    Windows 8.1

    On a laptop y500 with built-in windows 8.1 sli mode does not work. Need to update the BIOS from the site Lenovo from October 28, = (
  11. Nvidia Optimus does not work
  12. Satenex

    Windows 8.1

    hi guys, whether a modified BIOS for a second graphics card with fixed October 28?
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