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  1. Thanks for the advice! I'll give it a try this weekend anyway! How can I thank your help?
  2. Nvidia recommends the same driver as the gf6200 so i didn't install another, i just replaced the card. Although at first time when booted the windows up the desktop picture wasn't good fully, and i made a clear driver install. After that at least works the 2d. Thanks for the quick reply svl7!
  3. Please help! I 've just now change the video card on my old-gamer PC from geforce 6200 to 6600 Gt. I noticed this interesting problem in every 3d games and i don't know what can cause this. But the desktop picture is perfect. Thank you in advance for your help!
  4. Maybe you can even use the Lenovo energy management for maximize the fan speed, of course with the dust removal button. You can download it from here. By the way, why is it necessary to spin your fan at 100% ? When i had a Fujitsu U9200 laptop and was it often to warm and loud i simply blow out the dust with a compressor and that made it silence and less warm for a few month.
  5. i would like to install the modded bios created by svl7. Sure with this bios and gpu clock (i 've read on other forum something like 1200 Mhz gpu rate) will better the gaming performance of my laptop, but will not overheat eg after 2 hours of gameplay with Crysis 2 FHD ultra? Any experiences about it?
  6. Once have i also disassembled my y500 'cause the left speaker above 70 percent of volume gave disturbing resonant with the top cover at 400~600 Hz. As it turns out, this is due to the power button. I just had to fix it some special glue, and now i can enjoy the full volume!
  7. Hi there! I have just yesterday updated my y500 bios from v1.05 to v2.02 from a full chinese website. It was very thrilling because i didn't know what i do exactly but the pass fortunately was succesfull (otherwise i can't write now). So if you dont mind i will put here some all but blank post to be i able to downloading the modded bios. Thanks in advance!
  8. I often listen to the kohina internet-radio, on this stream are always great c64, atari st, amiga, nes, snes chiptunes, and i love it! kohina - old school game and demo music
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