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  1. Hallo, I am Archcry! I am 19 years old and live in the Netherlands. I don't really do sports, going to a GYM is more than enough activity for 1 day I've been playing various games on my computer, but the once I like best would be MMORPG like World of Warcraft. I am not a huge battlefield 3 or call of duty guy, as these games are based to much on luck in my opinion. I came to this forum to get feedback on my ideas or give feedback to other ideas. Furthermore, I developed a good amount of knowledge about PHP and mysql, I build alot of websites for hobby. I am currently studying computer sience and I hope to learn alot more programming languages. Well I think that's all. You can always send me a PM when you want more information about me ~ Archcry
  2. I am currently running a I5 3570k and can confirm that the IHs really is a issue. When I was overclocking my CPU with a zalman cooler it reached fairly high temperatures dispite the fact that my cooler and airflow are both good. I decided to use the hammer and vice method to delid my processor and apply proper termal paste. The CPU temperature dropped like 15C after that. So unless you are willing to delid a brand new processor in order to gain more performance than the I5 2500K you should stick with the 2500K and overclock it. I think you can get atleast the same performance on a overclocked I5 2500K as on one of the new haswell processors. I think it would be better to spend the money on a good cooling solution and get a stable overlock. ~ Archcry
  3. i've also had a ACER which I replaced for a Lenovo y500 now. It was running just fine without any problems. I had to send it for repair twice, but that wasn't acer's fault. It turned out my mouse reciever was somehow causing wierd issues with my keyboard, so I send it for repair. When it came back, everything was running fine untill I plugged my usb reciever again. At that point I found out my usb reciever was the problem. Due to the keyboard replacement of the 1st repair my keyboard stopped working properly and it had to be replaced again. I also replaced the processor with a more powerfull one a couple of months before I purchased my lenovo. Due to the fact that the laptop was outdated and still slow I decided to buy a new laptop. The reason why I didn't went with acer again is the concern to get a faulty laptop like everyone complains about. ~ Archcry
  4. I am running a minecraft server which has a AMD A6-5400K inside. (AMD A6-5400K 3.6GHz Dual-Core Processor (AD540KOKHJBOX) - PCPartPicker) I don't know what you're going to run on this nas, but I think the ram and processor are both a little bit overkill. I have an intel atom running in my own NAS and it's terribly slow but can still manage to download movies to my NAS or perform all other NAS related functions, So unless you're going to run a game server or something else ram/processor intensive I recommend the AMD processor in combination with 8gb ram. You can always add more ram when you feel like you don't have enough. ~ Archcy
  5. I would go with 1866mhz ram, as it may be a little bit more future proof. I have 2133 mhz ram installed in my PC (yes I know it serves no purpose, I wasn't thinking straight at that time) if you can afford the 1866mhz I would definitely go with that.
  6. Hello, I want to add a 5ghz wifi card to my laptop, therefore I need this hacked bios. My only concern is that when I flash this bios my warranty will be void and therefore I can't get a laptop repair in case something breaks. Is it possible to flash back to the original bios without leaving any traces when my laptop breaks? ~ Archcry
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