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  1. yes, I did also upgrade to the intel 7260 card. the stock one is unusable
  2. hmm no dolby icon on mine, but then again I did a fresh install of win 8.1. I will try drivers from Lenovo first then
  3. Post (hidden) I assume. when you turn it on, it shows you the Lenovo logo, and then you see the windows 8 login circle (under Lenovo logo) then login screen
  4. hi, my fairly new y510 now likes to get stuck on the Lenovo boot screen, sometimes taking a minute or almost 2 to boot to desktop. when I got this computer boot times was like 10 seconds and that was with the 1tb hard drive 5.4k hdd, it now has a 256gb Samsung 840 evo and boot was almost instantly. I went to bios and didn't find anything out of place, also tried reloading defaults. with no luck.. anyone got any suggestions??
  5. you basically just spoke Chinese to me but yes its onboard speakers
  6. mine stopped working today. I take it out when im at work for longer battery times, then pop it in when I need to play games at home. however, today, I put it in and its not being detected anywhere. seems the fan is on but not detected on device manager or NVidia control panel.... running win8 (not 8.1) with latest vbios as well. hate havng issues on a 2 month old computer
  7. drivers DO NOT install automatically on Win8. make sure you download them prior to installing the card
  8. laptop is supposed to have great sound according to specs and reviews but I find it to be as bad as my old t60p. I can barely hear anything at 100% anyway to boost the sound?
  9. where are you getting this 2.07 bios for your y510p when latest on Lenovo site 1.10?
  10. for some reason now mine (also with the Samsung 840 evo, went from 4-5 secs boot to almost 30, and sometimes never reaches desktop, just stays with black screen. I am pretty sure its because win 8.1 update. I will reinstall win8 without 8.1 later in the week and go from there...
  11. I would have flashed it already if I didn't have the intel AC wifi card installed! damn Lenovo and their crappy whitelist.
  12. this sucks. either wait or reinstall windows
  13. does these files also work for the y510p? I have the 1.10 modded bios to bypass wifi whitelist
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