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  1. Anyone know if the "bios"-flasher linked a previous post works on the Y510p with 750m SLI, I managed to flash the Ultrabay but it refuses to flash the soldered card, returns EEPROM error when I try to flash, both in DOS and with the .bat-file or having the Ultrabay-flashed with the new vBIOS is suficient for Windows 8.1 SLI with 331-drivers?
  2. chipper9117

    Diablo 3

    Diablo 3 was a disaster quest-wise and loot-wise but the overall gameplay I enjoyed and that is was so simple to join a party with my friends.....however I really liked to be able to play on a LAN with some friends and slashing away like madmen in the darkness
  3. I really liked what I saw in the beta, it's a technical improvement over Battlefield 3, but to call it a "new" game isn't really true, it's more of a battlefield 3.5. and I really hope when it launches it won't have the same issues that I experienced with BF3 at launch.
  4. I'm wondering that aswell. It's a button that is very handy when your girlfriend is on the phone and you're doing anything noisy at the moment. I would prefer a "programmable" button that you can set whatever you want as a function, e.g Mute or launch a program.
  5. You installed the latest drivers from Intel? You got any settings in the advanced-configuration tab in Windows that let's you shut off anything like that?
  6. I hope so too. He is hopefully correct, there is no logical reason why you shouldn't release drivers to a Windows 8-branded laptop. 8.1 is such an improvement over 8 so I reaally want them to land soon
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