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  1. Is there really any benefit to using your own paste? I would think that it would or could do more harm then good?
  2. With a dual bios card should I flash the second OC bios and keep the stock bios incase something happens I can revert back to stock?
  3. SLI 770s 4GB Seem good but expensive or even SLI 760s for the price of one 780.
  4. I am in the same boat. Would the 780 Hydro be ALOT better the then the classified acx?
  5. Hey, I am doing a new build and I am trying to figure out what would be best for me. I am running the 4930 with the RIVE board. I play on triple 1080p monitors. I am trying to figure out what will give me the best performance and more in the long run as I wait for 4k stuff to come out. I am sure the SLI 770s would out perform the 780, but will those cards last me while I wait for the 4k stuff or even with the 780 I can always add a 780 down the road? I hear the Hydro with a custom bios can be clocked pretty high and run a lot cooler the a fan style. Anyone have any pros cons? Thanks, Matt
  6. Will the 780 Classified bios in your attachments work with the Hydro copper ?
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