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  1. Run that program in boot, make a usb drive, or any sort of drive bootable with the information and programs provided. This is sort of a sandbox for the bios to update.
  2. See I do not notice much improvement from the platter, to ssd. That is why I went back. My mSATA yes, that was a huge improvment. Night and day. But my games on my ssd no. But the 840 is a newer gen, with new interface chips etc vs the older corsair I had. I know that makes a huge difference. As of now with my platter in ARMA 3 (last game opened) was about 2 seconds slower in loading. Not huge. I think if I go with a 840 or newer gen SSD the improvements in transfer speeds will show. But to safe a few seconds and spend $200 more.... Less space. Doesnt equate to me.
  3. Y500 650M Overclock Thread I can not find any of my 3dmark keys... EVGA deleted them I guess. So I am using Valley from Uni Engine. I so far have a stable clock at 969mhz Core 2500mhz Mem Score on Extreme HD 1046 Stays around 70c. Increased playability of games a whole hec of a lot. But I have noticed small artifacts so I may either see if its throttling down, or if it just happens to be to high a mem clock maybe lower the cor to 950 and keep mem up. Let me know all your experiences! I did this with Afterburner, and of course unlocked bios. Nothing special though. No CP changes, or driver tweaks. I used to be much in to benchmarking but now I look at it this way, my car may go 150 but really where can I use it at that speeds?! So playability is where I am at on this project. I will update this accordingly, I may get a cooler, put IC Diamond compound on the parts, and ThrottleStop it. These cards can run good around 70-75c without much problems. Update your findings here as well!
  4. I would say yes! Very true, but you are talking a miniscule amount, I only ever saw raw performance when I had my desktop in raid 0 with ssds. That being said in the laptop realm. I notice same load times with my platter vs my ssd, now I had a older ssd. Come christmas time I may get a nice new 512gb ssd or 1tb if the money allows. I would say in my experience I have not noticed any load time changes. The 60gb mSATA has allot to do for this as well.
  5. So you may want to confirm the vbios numbers 750 vs these ones. I got this to all go fine with the easy to follow instructions. Windows 7 works prime with this bios update (just remember to change secure boot when you update bios as it defaults settings).
  6. Name is Brandon, 23yo enthusiast. I have had 2 quad sli machines, and now that I am settling down I am SLI only ha. No more money going out on quarterly desktop updates. I am in to telecom, but due the the recent major layoffs in my area I have moved to good ol' food service. I spent 5 years military and thoroughly enjoy taking computers apart and putting them back together!
  7. Going to be honest. I have a 60gb mSATA for os/boot, and DID repeat DID have a 240gb Corsair Neuron (newegg shell shocker). Started running out of space. (do have a 1tb portable usb 3.0 for media). Just did a shadow copy and put the OEM 1tb 5200rpm in. I notice no difference in games or anything. Maybe if I paid more for a SSD it would have. Eventually when money permits I will go 7200k, as I dont move this thing its a desktop laptop for space. Im done building got WAY to expensive ha.
  8. Or just dontate $5 to a WONDERFUL community that I wish I found earlier. Anyway thanks much, I tried a manual vbios flash via dev files from nvidia. To no avail all I did was lock down one card. This should work so wish me luck! Time to hunt for my usb bootable drive ha. - - - Updated - - - 750 is almost identical to the 650m ( same chip ). And I run windows 7, should be fine. I will let you know once I finish it.
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