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  1. Hey guys! Not really necessary but I know there are some people that reinstall their machines a lot. There is a sweet utility called gamesave manager that scans your disk and finds any installed games and extracts the gamesave into a directory you specify (I have mine saved to a google drive). There is also yumi which is a multiboot program that allows multiple iso's to be imaged onto a flash drive (I have Windows7/8, Ubuntu, and UBCD5 on mine). The last one I would like to share is ninite which is a multiple applications installer that will install the latest version of all the apps you specify automatically without user interaction. In case you were wondering, I work IT and plenty of people ask me to mess with their machines all of the time. I'm not here to solicit all the software and they are all virus free, I promise. Links: GameSave Manager Ninite Yumi
  2. Gentlemen I have a quick question (hopefully its quick). I currently own a 3570K and my friend is looking to get the 3770K due some great deals he and I found online. In your opinion, is it worth the extra to go to the 3770K. I'm trying to persuade him that a 3570K is a great option and threading is only used for the apps that can support it. Any advice?
  3. Yo! I love Indie Games (I also like to play mainstream games too such as the Call of Duty Franchise and Halo) but some indie titles that I recommend are: Mark of Ninja - Badass game with a cool, dark ambiance about it Braid - This indie game uses time, a pretty cool concept Trine 1 and 2 - this one of the best side-scrolling, platforming games I have every played. Support your favorite Indie developers, they need some lovin too!
  4. hopefully i can provide some feedback on the graphics cards: when you spend a ton of money on the graphics, always find a card that has a single powerful GPU; more GPU's != (not equal) better performance. There is a benchmarking property called scaling where the 2 graphics cards will never provide 2x performance, it will always be less. In simpler terms: 1 card: score = 10000, 2 cards: score 15000 (this is just an example but it happens frequently with benchmarking) source: GeForce GTX 700 series SLI review: GeForce GTX 760/770/780 in SLI and 3-way SLI - GeForce GTX 760 - Scaling | Hardware.Info United States So far your choice of components are perfect: LGA 2011 Motherboard (ASUS, i personally think they make the best mobos) + LGA 2011 CPU (3930K, my dream CPU) + 2400 RAM (probably need to set to run in XMP) The power supply, like some people have mentioned is excessive and will just cost more in the long run but its great that you got modular. Just a fair warning with the hard drive, I had bad experiences with barracudas (I worked in IT). Reliable drives are WD Red and Black (never get the blue and especially green) Hope any of this helps. Have fun with your future Rig! I also forgot to mention. Depending on what you will be doing with SSD, a feature called TRIM can be advantageous to you. If you edit pictures or constantly move a lot data around the SSD TRIM can help boost performance. Just food for thought
  5. aww yea!! Earth, Wind & Fire - September - YouTube
  6. started to watch this is the end. turned it off after 30 minutes. After Earth is also a terrible movie, not hating on Jaden, but he was terrible in that movie
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