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  1. I managed to make a backup of my BIOS but I cannot drag and drop my backup into BiosFixer. Am I supposed to drag and drop the bin file into the program's text box? Because it won't let me. Thanks in advance EDIT: Fixed the problem by NOT running BiosFixer as an admin.
  2. Spartan015

    Laptop Cooler

    Honestly I haven't had much luck with cooling pads. Instead I resorted to putting bottlecaps under the upper two rubber feet of my notebook just to get some airflow going.
  3. The story was pretty good, but the gameplay nearly put me to sleep. Setting the difficulty higher didn't help either so I just rushed to get to know the story. Overall it wasn't bad, especially for the plot, but a lot of the combat areas just dragged on pointlessly.
  4. Hello from the United States. Loving the information so I decided to see if I can contribute to discussions. Hoping to get along with everyone here!
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