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  1. I'm somewhat hesitant to flash the bios without having made a backup first. I can't make a backup because, as I said I get an error 51 when I try to make a backup using the Error 104 fix file. What are the chances of something going wrong when I attempt to flash it? Wait, I'm stupid. The flashing process in the OP requires you to make a backup first anyway... How am I supposed to flash it if I can't make the backup?
  2. I am using the fparts.txt file from the 'Error 104' fix.zip file you linked to in the OP. The first error in that image is the one I get when I use the Error 104 fix fparts.txt file. The second error is the error I get when I use the fparts.txt that was originally included in the Fptw64_(8_series).zip along with the program.
  3. This is what I'm getting when I use that command. First is with the original fparts.txt, and the second is with the one linked to in the OP. I doubt it's of any use, but I really don't wish to disassemble my laptop at the moment. I may just have to live with the locked down BIOS until I'm feeling less lazy.
  4. I get an error 51 when attempting to make a backup of the bios. "Error 51: An attempt was made to read beyond the end of flash memory" Any help? info.txt
  5. euxoa

    Gaming Headset

    I've been using a Razer Charcarius for a long time. It delivers great sound quality, and it's pretty cheap.
  6. After using Windows 8 for a few weeks when it came preinstalled on my Y410p I find myself back on Win 7. The Start Screen is annoying to use and transitioning back and forth between it and the desktop is jarring. The only improvements that I really noticed were in the file transfer dialog and the task manager.
  7. Any laptop with a 780M, i7, 1080p IPS screen, full keyboard, and good cooling all packed into a 15" or 14" form factor and around 5.5 lbs or less. It's something that I'm pretty sure doesn't exist.
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