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  1. Are you refering to the SLI enabled bios for windows 8.1? If so they are on page 7. The only waiting we are doing at this point is the unlocked versions of the released firmwares courtesy of slv7. Unless you plan on overclocking your gpus beyond what can be achieved with MSI Afterburner or EVGA Precision then feel free to wait, but from my playtesting and tinkering, there isnt any real gain for me in my testing between locked put at max settings from the programs (750ms) for me max at 1189mhz core and the highest I could get stable was maybe 15-20mhz faster than that with the unlocked bios pre-8.1 so... yeah. For me I'm not necessarily needing modded bios but it prettier if they match I suppose...
  2. Well, I'm back to update on the SLI functioning regardless of driver once in Windows 8.1. With EVGA Precision 4.2.1 The 2nd GPU clocks up to the same clocks as the 1st when under load, with the exception that it can only go up to 1189mhz core due to not having unlocked bios from our pal slv7. I know I have the y510p with the 750m(s). I'm not foolish enough to flash what I don't have in my system guys. My original question revolved around the thought that the system might not have been able to access the correct part of the 2nd GPU to successfully complete the flash. Although in the aftermath, it seemed foolish of me to think that because Lenovo made this FOR windows 8.1. Oh well. I can confirm it works like a dream regardless, although I'm still waiting for slv7 to work the magic, very patiently I might add.
  3. This is gonna sound a bit noobish, but should we flash the vbios from Windows 8 or 8.1...? I'm just curious if it matters or if I'm just being overly concerned a out how to go a about this.
  4. Now to wait for slv7 to mod the crap out of these and get on wih 8.1 SLI joys comrades. On a partially related note, my Modded BIOS on my y510p versions workin like a dream, 8.1 has rendered my modded 2nd GPU worthless.
  5. Update, never mind, the system failed a system restore and that was enough to slap it back into shape
  6. well i figured that much, I have developed a new issue in the mean time, although I don't think that it directly related to this bios unlocking, but I've been wrong before... Both of my GT 750m's are locked in the lowest Power State (P8) and I have no idea how to get them to cooperate, I had this issue once before and the only fix I could come up with was doing a factory reset from within 8 and that fixed it until now... Does anyone have any ideas on the matter? I really would like to avoid having to do this again, that meaning the factory reset...
  7. Just wondering if anyone has tinkered with the disabled by default "Overclocking Menu"? I can't really afford to be a guiney pig as this is my only machine... +3 for everything so far going smoothly. Successful 1.09 Flash on y510p w/ i7-4700mq, SLI 750m's, new Wifi card in the mail as of now!
  8. Sounds like the y560p of past, its iGPU from Sandy was disabled internally on the die of the I7, dumb really? Especially if Intel dropped the iGPU from the Core i series (not going to happen i know) they could have some serious power in a relatively small form factor, if i remember correctly almost 2/3 of the silicon on Haswell consists soley of the HD (insert # here) Graphics.
  9. Well I assume by now you most lkely have either a y500 or a y510p, (or the 14" ones...) And let us know how you go. I'm honestly Blown away by the tremendous amount of 'people' online that act like Windows 8 is the Cancer of the Modern Age... This is tickling at watching people cry wolf over what is obviously not going anywhere? Me being just about to graduate college, I am quite literately waiting for the day that Windows XP dies off and seeing the freaking chaos ensue, and a few years down the road (2018-ish?) when Windows Vista and Windows 7 are killed off just the same. I'm also curious what the industry will have done in the mean time. Gamers who want and need and crave the highest end games with the highest end rigs will NEED windows 8 as a minimum as the next version of dx11 (ie dx11.2) will be exclusive to Windows 8.1 or higher. Those who crave multiscreen setups will more than likely 'replace' the new interface, but even more will become used to the new as a new generation grows into Windows 8. Most of my class mates can't even tell me what installation of windows that they have installed. Its funny really, I've adapted and I love the sheer refinement of what really is a slipstreamed windows 7 with a shiny new hood, for better or worse.
  10. Well if it's any consolation, my y510p runs the CPU (i7-4700mq) around ~90*C at load and the GPUs are both usually loading at (In Crysis 3 at least) ~80*C so take it or leave it, your not that bad off. I wish my CPU loaded that low, although through Intel Extreme Tuning Utility I was able to maintain the 3.2GHz boost speed and prevent throttling caused by the 100*C temperature spikes and everything is hunky doory now.
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