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  1. Hey @Klem, I figured out a way to unbrick my GPUs. Apparently svl7 put that splash screen so no one can steal it. and anyone that would try to remove the splash screen would brick the GPU. Do you want to take another go at the original vbios of the 780M?
  2. Hey Klem... Just curious, what kind of hidden advanced bios setting are we talking about here? Anything for overclocking? As I mainly use my T440s plugged in nowadays, battery is nearly dead lol
  3. Pretty weird honestly. Never had that much bad luck in the past haha, thought maybe the PSU or something else honestly This card overclocks like crazy though lol: https://imgur.com/a/p5UGqFD
  4. My bad, I forgot to mention that I overclocked it in Nvidia inspector, I just see very small gains. and any time I go any higher than 950~ (even with voltage adjusted adequately) something fails, either the benchmark or windows. Temps and everything are good, even did a repaste on the GPU dies.
  5. Thank you Klem, Your a beast! Just got to working on it a bit ago. Works great, and the voltage is adjustable too now. Here is a screenshot under furmark: https://imgur.com/a/q0QsVoS I was also wondering about one other thing. I have an Alienware 18 that I have flashed with the 780M OC edition vbios (im not sure which revision though.) I did not notice any gains in any benchmarks, im not sure if its the bios (I was on A14 and reverted back to A12), but I have not seen any gains. I attached the original rom and the one I flashed. ORIGINAL.ROM OC.rom
  6. Hello I was wondering if anyone can help me out with an unlocked vbios for my Dell M4800. It has a K2100m, limited it 135Mhz. Here is a Screenshot of GPU-z and Inspector: https://imgur.com/a/RiKfQPv vbios is attached. Maybe @Klem can help if hes not too busy with other projects? GK106_k2100m_DELL.rom
  7. I will try and explain this the best way I can. First of all if you are hitting temps like that just playing games like Far Cry 4, You need to re-think and re-evaluate your overclocks. Your system should not hit 93C as with that temp it is probably thermal throttling to protect itself from being fried. So go easy with the overclocking, no need to push it so hard for no good reason. As for your other inquiry about the additional voltage, that is a "no go bro", for 2 reasons, firstly most cards are meant to be running at certain voltages, anything passed the amount given unlocked is what you can push it to, anything past that the card will not boot. Atleast that is as far as my experience goes with AMD cards, im pretty sure Nvidia is the same. Second reason, Your already producing an excess heat amount, more voltage = more heat = more thermal throttle ~= less performance. My recommendation for overclocking, go from stock clocks increase by 50 mhz at a time, run a benchmark, temps should be the same on average. if it fails, increase voltage slightly. check temps again, make sure they are within the threshold. The voltage and power range visible in the picture is probably from earlier times when that program was probably not reading it correctly or something. Either way, you dont need more voltage, you have enough heat. do what i mentioned above. Also, Mar7aba xD Tbh, I dont know what the issue could be, I know people have reported awesome benchmarks, I am yet to see it. Maybe its because I updated to the latest dell bios, maybe thats locking it down? I dont know tbh, Im going to mess with it later, unless you have some sort of suggestion.
  8. You know what, maybe your right. Maybe its the benchmark afterall. Ill do similar runs with 3dmark 11. I do however think that the GPUs are not running at the clocks visible, either that, or there is some sort of TDP limit to the cards. I'm doing a run with the clocks youve saide, memory slightly lower because I really dont want it crashing, and just want a stable run with a mediocre overclock. My goal is not to overclock the GPUs. My question is what is the difference between the stock clocks dell provided and the one slv7 provided, if there is no gain. Even when overclocked, the cards do not give any gains. PS: not my first overclocking attempt, I've done countless overclocks in the past, even a couple of trophies on HWBOT
  9. Temps are all normal. nothing out of the ordinary. http://imgur.com/71CjOf7 overclocked it a bit more for a stable run. pretty much the same score on stock. -800 points or so. http://imgur.com/YVuOC2W I figured it was the power limit, decided to increase that, double checked that both video cards are overclocked, and yes they are. Still the same issue. no performance gains even with further overclocking... Any Ideas?
  10. stock clocks are 771 for the gpu clock, the one I flashed was at 850. I get that it provides for further overclocking headroom. but whats the difference if the 70Mhz provides for no gain. Or is it just false readings from the start? Everywhere I read or check the specs of the 780M it is said to be 771 MHz Sidenote: when I did try to overclock beyond what the modded vbios was at, it would crash even with increased voltage.
  11. I tried installing the vbios for the 780m provided here. Even though it was overclocked there was literally 0 performance gains. Temps are fine, nothing above average. Can anyone explain the point of the overlocked vbios with no gain
  12. Hey Guys I was just wondering what the "ALIENWARE" Logo blinking on an m17x r2 means. Its just the logo blinking not anything else. It does work with a monitor plugged in, I can browse and do things as I normally would.
  13. TheCodeBreaker

    Tech|Inferno HWbot Team

    It has been a long time DR, indeed long time no see. Just caught caught up in a million different things, and did not have time for anything. It sucked for the most part. But I'm glad to see you are still around. Familiar faces are always nice to see. When did you switch over to the other side, buying a Clevo Right now Im in Massachusetts, with nothing to do, are you deployed or in the states?
  14. TheCodeBreaker

    Worth buying a M17x R2 now?

    I say go for the m17x r2 if your willing to upgrade to Crossfire 7970M (8970M?) and the i7 920XM. the i7 920XM isnt that bad, its a step down from what you have, its 1 i7 generation apart. you can compare benchmarks of the 2 on hwbot.org if you want.
  15. TheCodeBreaker

    GPU not running at full speed

    From my experience they wont check what vbios or bios you are running. I even had a modded bios whilst tech support was connected to my computer all he said was, "lets install the proper bios". so i doubt they will check the vbios...

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