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  1. I signed it, a dream would come true. I don't own a console, but I love to spent days in my friends house and play it
  2. No, you can overclock any laptop aslong as you can find an unlocked bios for it.
  3. I don't think it will run on high settings, maybe medium settings max. Besides that, I don't think I even want to play that game on a small laptop haha
  4. Yeah, these are very nice headsets. Very cheap for what you get. I don't regret buying one of them. Great sound and great build quality!
  5. I use the FPS limiter all the time. Mostly I lock it at 60 FPS. My games run much smoother that way, guess it's just my preference.
  6. I am still happy with my m14x after 2 years. But it kinda starts to get a little hot now and then while gaming. The laptop is very strong made, I never had any built issues with it. And it's very easy to mod
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