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  1. Clean your fan and dont play while your sitting in the bed or somewhere where many dust is, use your laptop on a table. I often got this Problem too
  2. I am actually listening to American Woman - Lanny Lravitz
  3. Has someone an unlocked MS-16F3 Bios ? i cant find it ..
  4. For me League Of Legends, playing since three years and it never gets boring cause of new patches and those stuff, but i also started playing Counter-Strike Global Offensive also nice, same like league of legends..everything teamwork so premades are necessary i would say.
  5. Well i switched over to animes cause of a friend, actually watching Sword Art Online, its rly great!!
  6. Well i have watched Into the Wild some month ago, it brings me to wwoofing(google it) so i can say this movie changed my life...one of the best movies i watched so far ..
  7. Do you want to overclock over your bios or with a software tool? If you do it i would overclock slowly, like from 2.4ghz to 2.5ghz and then test it a day if it works, if you get random reboots like bluescreens or some stuff like this i would undo it
  8. Is it possible to update a legacy bios to a uefi bios? i dont get the efi shell when i am trying to boot from the USB Stick ..
  9. Intel Core i7-3740QM NVidia GeForce GTX 675M
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