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  1. Check my post on page 93 for a PDF...it's as good as a video
  2. Oh cool...then people who get that error can refer to www.bios-mods.com
  3. I wasn't talking about the error. I just made a easy to follow tutorial. Btw what did those people over at bios-mods say was the reason for the error?
  4. Guys, I've made a super easy tutorial for this mod. As clear as I possibly could and much clearer for amateurs than the original. No offence, but if this is hard to follow then you shouldn't attempt to unlock your bios. Download here.
  5. We all wanted to do something with the internal gpu but Lenovo being either incompetent or selfish made it impossible.
  6. Nope. No one has found a way to do that. I would be really impressed if someone does. It has to be at least v2.02
  7. you can make clock shortcuts in nvidia inspector which makes switching even easier...just open the icon from your desktop. why go through all the trouble to unlock afterburner?
  8. Thanks very much...although I realized that after playing around a bit...
  9. Might be a noobish question, but does anyone know if voltage control has been unlocked in this mod? I moved the voltage offset slider in nvidia inspector but the voltage didn't seem to change numbers in the left window (like when you change base and memory clocks).
  10. Hey Jester, How does this work for the second (ultrabay) card? Or does it only do the internal one?
  11. To make things easy paste your 'fptw64' folder in C drive. The directory will now be c:\fptw64. Open command prompt as administrator (important). Type cd c:\fptw64\ and then fptw64.exe -d biosbackup.bin -bios It will start backing up and the newly generated biosbackup.bin found in the fptw64 folder will be your bios backup.
  12. I've contacted support, messaged another member and even asked in a topic. For some reason no one wants to answer my super simple question. I am trying to understand what 5 QUALITY 'posts' mean. Is it 5 replies/comments to a topic (by another member) or 5 new topics started by me?
  13. Hey Klem, Do 5 posts mean 5 new threads/topics/discussions or can they just be 5 replies to other topics??
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