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  1. I used the Bios Fix in the forum, you will need to meet the requirements to download its a bit of a pain
  2. Great Guide thanks, I'm Running a 256gb samsung 840 pro and my primary drive with OS and Video Editing Software on it and my 750gb hard drive in the caddy, i also brought and enclosure and turned my internal DVD into a usb 2 external for the occasional time i need a Cd/Dvd
  3. I'm Running A08 with a samsung 840 pro ssd no problems other then the sata 2 speed cap, am going to try the A08 with Sata fix soon
  4. I've just installed a 840 Pro in my m14x R1 works great and has no issue's so far, Runs at sata 2 speeds but i'm yet to try the bios fix, hoping i can get it up to full speed with that. I've got my ssd in the primary bay and a hdd in place of the dvd drive was a simple process. alienware laptops are great to work with in my opinion.
  5. i've Recently installed a samsung 840 Pro 256gb and the speed is fantastic compared to the usual HDD, works a treat with no problems so far, i am however limited to sata 2 speed i am keen to try this bios with the sata 3 fix and see if i can get it up to full speed.
  6. Ebay Has plenty to chose from i've purchased this one for my m14x, its 9.5mm for the R1 as far as i know
  7. I've had no heat trouble with my m14x R1 that said i dont use it for much gaming, mostly video editing and processing. With a ssd its plenty fast enough for anything i do and offers a decent battery life while not being too bulky, you can pick one up for around $700-800 haven't seen many R2's under $1100 recently.
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