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  1. Even it did not helped, it was worth to try. You could try a different approach, as (disconnect the internal 120hz panel, than hook it onto a vga monitor ) the bios should enable the intel IGP than.
  2. I dont have the new Alienware 17, hate the design LOL. Only alienware M17X-R2 but it was quick to find solution for ya! Please read here: as the R3 using the same brand bios "Insyde" BIOS Recovery in case you brick your M17x R3 and here: Alienware Systems: My computer shows no image, is beeping or the indicator lights are blinking (No POST / Codes Table) | Dell US I did a few insyde recovery myself its ez....
  3. You can if is the same what you need e.g. a dell vbios. Also you need to have decent soldering equipment and soldering skill hence that is a QFN packaged flash ic ( good preheater and heatgun, or better yet, irda soldering station)
  4. Aye! Its worth to try, however if you have a few 1000 worth laptop and someone contact you with a question: "Can i test my bad flashed GPU in your laptop" ?? would you let anyone to test a (faulty not working) card in it? Plus take the heat-sink off from yours, because the one on the intended test card aren't compatible with your laptop. My answer would be NO. Even the solution would work or looks so simple, not many ppl would allow such a risky operation a high value laptop.
  5. I also a laptop repair tech. By experience i know some systems will also not post, if a damaged flash chip present on any of the GPU's. Dell tech's usually not that brainy, sorry no offense meant anyone. However, they will mess around anyway and being a typical PITA. If you near Ashford,UK i can offer assistance.
  6. Your only option is "Soldering" at the moment . You or someone will have to remove the SPI flash and reprogram it with your backup, and solder it back onto the board. Unless you want to involve dell to replace the card for you. They will ask to take a walk-through of their idiotic troubleshooting then there will be questions and more tests, and more questions. Like what happened and when. If you lucky the tech will not find out what you did. If he do your warranty will be void. I had to do soldering on my GPU's a few times in the past after failed flash, easy if you got all tools.
  7. No you don't. the current vbios is designed for legacy bios and UEFI operation, when is powered try to load the uefi first than switch to legacy mode. I just did it for myself, because i don't need the uefi wrapper try to boot every time, stall the boot process with a few seconds. My card were working flawlessly out of box...
  8. When i install hwinfo and set to control the fans: My cpu fan is much quieter but temps getting higher than before.As for the gpu it completely messig it up. GPU overheating and the game or 3d test crashes, windows is still running thought. Since hwinfo not running the gpu fan at idle, a bit more faster than before when i had the AMD 5870M setup. As for gpu fan is barely spinning at idle, but when gaming is responding to temp as it should be. Could be because the vbios is somewhat different or newer than some ppl have. I only edited the vbios so is not having the UEFI code, because R2 is not UEFI And i overlock it with nvispector to 850/1100 still stable not not throttling, even with the standard R2 GPU heatsink. my temp not even stays 69-75c i think is good after (9hours) of gaming session with assassins creed v I may just lucky because my setup is working as it should be. If you need my vbios i already posted it.
  9. Hello, Need some info if someone can help, Just upgraded my R2 Dual AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5870 to one lovely GTX 680M card. Its running SMOOT and a real "plug in heater" 89c after 8hours of gaming, no artifacts or slowdowns. Its really stable... I think is a bit hot compared to the Radeon cards they not usually went over 65/70c, Just in case i ordered a left side M18X GPU heatsink and try to modify it to fit the R2 chassis. I will take pictures when is arrive. The interesting part is that i dont have to use hwinfo to control the fan is seems working. it looks hwinfo causing more problem and heat than without it. The card is a DELL Card (020HTK) with vbios 80.04.5B.00.02. I used someone else inf file and is recon is a MX card but actually is not. Anyone have experience with this? DELL_020HTK_GTX680M_80.04.5B00.02.zip
  10. Sorry for late reply i was busy. The vbios is the standard AMD vbios 015.022 and now with catalyst 14.4 I was the one who installed the card into his laptop. The card was not working in my M17X-R2 so we tried with his clevo . The process was some sort of trial and error approach. I de-soldered the flash chip programmed it put it back and try.... until it was worked. for me having a bad flash not a problem usually i have multiple SPI flash chips laying around.
  11. Unfortunately it didn't worked it made the card give blinking error msg on the [scroll caps num] leds . My card was fitted with Samsung K4G20325FD modules The ES Vbios only supports the Elpida ED2032BBBG and Hynix H5GQ2H24MFR memory modules no auto detection. The dell 015.022 vbios supports all 3, Hynix Elpida Samsung modules plus autodetection. However the card booting fine in my friends M17x R3 tested for few hours gaming and fury cube its NFF . He got nvidia 480M but thinking on upgrade to radeon i may let him have it.... and hope his gf not kill me. LOL
  12. Update: All stuff arrived to install the card Unfortunately my R2 wont recognize the 7970M She gives me no GPU beeps when the 015.022 vbios flashed, and no display at all when 015.017 vbios used. Only no GPU error blinking (caps+ scroll + steady num lock) Officially GPU preventing the system to complete post. And now the exciting part are: when i flash back the 015.022 vbios and have the card in my friends m17x-r3 it post and installs. we played games for half a day no freezing or artifacts. Conclusion: The card rev A00 with vbios 015.022 DOES NOT WORK in the R2 nor the 015.17 vbios.
  13. I know by personal experience that some of the modules not compatible ... I had to try two different 16GB sett to get it working with my 920XM QS cpu Corsair works but bios shows 0GB LOL I recon it could be your cpu.
  14. It looks that you have bigger problem than a vbios conflict. Maybe your CPU acting up , as memory controller are built into the cpu on the i7 for higher access speed same as the pci-e 16 for video cards.
  15. Will let you know ho it goes. Damn bracket hasn't arrived yet. I not in the mood to chopping up my 5870M bracket. I using one of these flashers, if anyone interested works on win 7 x64 even on server 2008 r2. High Speed USB Professional Programmer EEPROM FLASH ISP SP8-A 40 Pins 24 25 93 | eBay
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