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  1. Sorry for the facepalming noob question, how do I change the vcore for the y500 750M? Update: Founded the solution, Thansk
  2. truthosis

    Gaming Headset

    How about using a Sony Gaming Headset, The DR-GA500. It has a 7.1 Surround Box which you can use and gives a 7.1 sound feel to the headset (eventhough not very a true (debatable) 7.1 surround. Im using right now and generally its superb. Without the surround box, its stil very good and u can hear the frag rolling to you giving enough time to run!
  3. How about installing a new mSATA with the intention of using the preinstalled BASIC Windows 8 in the HDD to be installed in the new mSATA. Is that possible?
  4. Have u had any problems porting the w8 from the hdd to sdd?
  5. Where do usually play games? Have you used a really good laptop cooler? I would suggest the Rosewill RLCP 11003B or Gear Head CFS88800BLK both have good reviews. Sometimes ventilation specially around the vent area of the laptop plays a role to so keep an eye for that.
  6. Just a quick question. Let say I've installed a new mSATA, and installed w8 on the mSATA. Does the BIOS with the configured w8 orginal keys automatically detect the new w8 and validates it?
  7. Yeah, same here. I wanted to install a bigger mSATA to boot from. The already 16G SATA exist in the y500 cannot be used for booting coz its too small and from what I've researched, its for cache (something)
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