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  1. It appears to be a hardware limit, the colours we have are the only colours were getting.
  2. Shame about the single brightness for the whole keyboard. But the brightness slider idea would be a handy option.
  3. Sounds good. I think settings of 100% and 50% would be more than enough, as you any more would be overkill.
  4. So it could be possible to add a 50% brightness level to the default colours, e.g. Bright Red (100%) and a Dark Red (50%) which could effectively double the colour palette (well sort of double it as we cant do custom colours). Just a idea.
  5. Nice, starting to get very AlienFX. Just a quick question is it possible to set the brightness levels via software or are we stuck with manual controls ?
  6. No keys cant be addressed individually, Clevo's are all 3 zone keyboards tied to hardware. As for colour combining/mixing that also appears to be tied to the hardware, what Clevo has given us is all we are getting.
  7. Shame Clevo didn't try a bit harder with their lighting control software/API, MSI AW are way better. However you guys have made Clevo's effort far more usable and the new effects/functions are welcomed. I look forward to upcoming versions and seeing what new/improved effects/functions you'll bring us. Keep at it guys !
  8. With every version this gets better and better, keep it up guys. You may like to include how to install instructions in the zips and maybe a sort guide on the functions. Also hoping for a fade into user profile (as above) at some point, maybe even a colour mixer (if possible) would love a orange keyboard lol
  9. P370EM3_XXXX = P370EM 3D (3D screen version) P370EM_XXXX = P370EM (Standard screen)
  10. Great news on the upcoming lighting control software, we dearly need something better than the stock Clevo effort. A cool touch would be a fade into your profile/user setting from the default Blue (I believe that is start-up default for all Clevo machines). Would look much better than the current jarring jump. If you need another tester, I'm running P370EM, 680M Sli with Prima's bios mod and SL7's VBios Mod.
  11. Just had my GFX cards replacedby Dell. One of the cards had a different version to lastest 70.24.2B.00.06 found on Dell's site. It appears to a newer version (maybe). Not sure what its fixed/broken/tweaked but its here for you test and see.
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