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  1. I'm June. I'm a notebook enthusiast. I like the latest technologies but I like more about making use every ounce of a laptop's capabilities. That is why I overclock first the graphic cards, memory and processors and even modify the stock cooling radically and buy not the latest and fastest laptops. After all the latest and fastest laptops today will soon be the bargain of tomorrows. I love a minimalist design and power efficiency that is why I love APUs and laptops. Upgrading for me is better than buying a completely new laptop.
  2. You have to reprogram the memory module using thaiphoon burner. There are some tutorials on the internet. My advice is to have another unaltered module with smaller memory capacity. If you made a mistake the computer cannot use your memory anymore, But using your unaltered module install it together with your corrupted module and usually the laptop will use the settings for the corrupted module from the unaltered but lower capacity module. Then you can run the program again and restore the settings to your corrupted ram module. You should always save your original settings so you can resurrect your corrupted module. The safest way to do it is use a program that will adjust your ram timings in real time but you have to start this program everytime you start your PC/laptop. Programs like AMD overdrive can do that. Memset can do this also for older laptops. Beware with things like these. Its trial and error and hours of testing to see if its stable at a given setting. If you made a mistake it will not be permanent. Just restart the laptop and everything is fine again. Don't configure to run the program automatically if windows restarts to avoid infinite looping restarts of windows if you happen to made a mistake.
  3. Well I think all screens should be matte. Because you do a lot of work on a screen that is in front of your face all the time. It lessens eyestrain and fingerprints. Nowadays matte screens are really advanced and it doesn't lower the screen quality anymore. It does cost more to have a matte screen. Samsung and others have excellent matte screen that doesn't wear out because its etched into the screen itself, its not a coating. It really does makes a big difference. In the end you get what you pay for. It all goes down to personal preference on laptop feature trade offs.
  4. This is one of my old laptops. It has an IGP for graphics from VIA with passive cooling(no fan). The problem is it can't play 3d games without freezing or crashing or lagging for that matter. What I did is install the fastest memory I got and optimized the passive cooling. I don't want to install any fan because There is virtually no room for the fan. Yes. The back can be is closed without trouble. Sadly I sold this laptop. My advice to the new owner is don't change the RAM and don't drop. If you know what I mean.
  5. If I travel with my laptop. It depends where I want to use it. If I have to use it for short periods of time with available mains I ditch the battery. I prefer to have a ups if I'm doing important work. If I have to carry the adapter, battery and mouse. I wear pants with deep back pockets and stuff everything that can fit comfortably to reduce the overall weight on my shoulders. Sometimes I even ditch the bag and use a cheap sturdy opaque thin plastic briefcase(beware of flimsy handles) when I travel comfortably in short distances. This works very well for ultrathin laptops and nobody will suspect that you are carrying a precious cargo. I even keep extra adapters and mice on places where I frequent just to keep the bulk and weight down.
  6. I have these premium memory modules which I have reprogrammed which helped my old laptops eke more performance in games. Some timings are so tight that most Intel(including Atoms) and AMD cpus can't handle it. Paticularly the very tight RAS# ot CAS# of 3 is not compatible with most CPUs. These timings only work on the AMD's turion processors. Just make the RAS# to CAS# to 4 to make it compatible. I know these modules are old but you can still apply it to your old laptops to make them a little bit better in whatever new task you assign them to.
  7. I have an HP Pavilion g7-1277dx which has an a4-3300m llano processor which I upgraded to an a8-3500m llano. And with an 4GB x 2 Gskill DDR3 ram with heatsinks. I use AMD overdrive to tighten the ram timings to its absolute optimization: I'm pretty happy with AOD but for some reason I can't change the CL value. I think I can get it to run on CL5. My only option is to reprogram the ram in another laptop because Llano doesn't allow to reprogram my ram but I don't like to risk it. I did bricked a ddr2 module before oftentimes I can resurrect a bad ram reprogramming. But that time I saved an 16 chip module configuration to an 8 chip module configuration. I haven't tried programming a ddr3 module because llano doesn't allow it and I think a ddr3 module is much more complicated. Is it?
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