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  1. UPDATE: Now I know why it gets hot. I disabled SLI ( stupid of me ). TEMPS now. CPU : 86C GPU0 : 77C GPU1: 61C CLOCKS: 1100/2500 1.1V VERY HAPPY WITH RESULT
  2. Okay, I did not find the "windows fast boot" , but I did find the "Lenovo fast boot" in the settings. I tried both enabled and disabled and the enabled fast boot worked with bluetooth ( LOL now it works on enabled fast boot ). When I try to disable it the bluetooth wont start, but when I enabled it, it worked @_@ weird. Anyway thats fixed now. I have a new problem, Now I cant seem to manually turn off the bluetooth. It wont when I go to the configure wireless device . It says " Cannot disable " . Its not that big of a problem, but my WiFi loses a bit signal and its jumpy when bluetooth is turned on. WiFi card = Intel 6230 + bt 3.0 Thanks!
  3. Hello guys, I'm having problem with its blutooth ( intel 6230) . After installation, the bluetooth works, but after restarting won't work. I have to reinstall again so that it will be enabled. I use it for my motionjoy software for ps3 controller pairing @_@. Never had problems with my other laptops because it has a dedicated bluetooth button. In my y500 I cant turn it on because no hot key for bluetooth. Any help would be great. Thanks
  4. Yeah, Optimus would really help this laptop. But still got an awesome specs for the price. IMO price performance ratio is outstanding on this laptop.
  5. Here dude, 750SLI Review Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p Notebook - NotebookCheck.net Reviews 650SLI Review Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 Notebook - NotebookCheck.net Reviews though kinda different because of the haswell CPU, but I think the 3630qm and 4700mq is almost the same when compared ( correct me if I'm wrong ) Also, I'm having problem using the bluetooth because everytime I restart the computer it wont work anymore ( i have to reinstall the driver and it would work, but after restart i cannot use it ) @_@ HELP wlan card= Intel 6230 advance + BT 3.0
  6. I have tried 2 coolers for it. 1 with 2 big fans and 1 with 1 big fan. temps here in my place is 14C room temp around 18-20C and mine is the gt650 SLI which has different temps than 750's ( i think ) In the reviews in notebook check it says that its higher. Anybody has other cooling methods or mods for this great laptop? UPDATE: Does anyone know if there is a program when you press caps lock it will indicate in the screen( Just like on my MSI gt780 "S-bar" application )? or manual bluetooth on or off (becaus intel 6230 cant handle bluetooth + wifi on , I mean it can but the signal of wifi stutters)
  7. Hi, Did anyone of you change thermal paste? What would you reccomend? ic diamond 7 or MX-2? or others? Im hitting temps of 95C which saddens me
  8. Here in my country the cards are expensive due to the tax + shipping :/
  9. Hi TechInferno! Can anyone help me breakdown this laptop Lenovo Z400 touch. My girlfriend just bought one with the non-backlit keyboard (i5-3210 and gt740m). We would like to change the keyboard to bakclit. Found one in eBay but I don't know how to disassemble it or if it would be compatible with the laptop that comes with a standard non-backlit keyboard. ITEM: New LENOVO Z400 SILVER FRAME BLACK Backlit( win8) US English Notebook Keyboard | eBay Thanks!
  10. Hi all, Iv'e successfully Modded my BIOS. Can I ask what is the maximum voltage clocks on both the GPU and what are the things that I can use in the in the modded BIOS? also my CPU is hitting 95~98C on (GPU clocks 955/2400 both at 69~72C) cpu throttles down to 2.4Ghz and maintain 72~75C -stock thermal paste with single fan laptop cooler. Thanks for all who helped and great forums!
  11. Restart laptop, And press F2 when it is about to start And what is the "novo" key?
  12. Just updated mine too. Installed 6230N all 3 of my connection works. Maybe need restart? or restart routers?
  13. Hi SVL7! Got it working, Octiceps was right you need to go to properties and apply " run as admin " . I think when you are clicking the backup.bat it opens another instance of the software that is not previlaged by the admin. Thanks a lot for both of your work, will now try to flash 2.04! Hope nothing goes wrong! UPDATE: Got to install bios mod v2.04 next is the vcard vbios
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