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  1. using a 3960X 4.5G (occasionally to 5.3G for benching and some game) on ASUS ROG R4E, since the SNB-E don't support PCI-E 3.0, it cause many compatibility problems with the new generation PCI-E 3.0 VGA cards. a trick to solve the problem is to set all the PCI-E lane from PCI-E 3.0 to PCI-E 2.0 in BIOS configuration. that will solve the occasionally happening "black screen in boot process" . hope that will help you guys
  2. Still, it is a reference design PCB. when can we get a fully utilized GK110 core base not-reference extreme design? I mean Titan Ultra or whatever you wana call it. I bought 8 Titans just for folding, not a single one I would use for gaming, because its limited OC potential and its look is not sexy enough to fit in my gaming rig. since they sell this stuff in such a premium price, I would expect the Nvidia should release a extreme BIOS file with no limits in terms of temp or voltage for those who want to OC the crap out of it, otherwise GTX 780 is a much better choice for gaming
  3. wonderful work. I'll try this on after I finished the sub-zero water cooling 2 way SLI rig. normal water cooling is just not enough for Titan. pull out a big fish tank , use it as a cooling pool filled with icy water. right now just have to get a waterproof motherboard done. when I finish the rig, will return the benchmark numbers with this bios mod, Thx a lot
  4. you should try to find out a balance point of the VGA Voltage for both cards, usually that is the default voltage(or the max safe voltage) of the less overclockable one, use EVGA percision software, don't overclock to Max in SLI mode, that's my personal experience since 460SLI to 780SLI. recently, some one is trying add Boost 2.0 into GTX 680 by modding the BIOS, it is being tested right now, the finished version should be released in this month, then you might want to try it by taking advantage of the Boost 2.0 thermal control since you use water cooling. link tohe Boost 2.0 BIOS for 680/670 ★★è¯è¯´æˆ‘å·²ç»èƒ½å¤Ÿè®©680/670/660Ti支æŒBoost 2.0★★ - é¡¶çº§å›¾å½¢å¡ - Chiphell - 分享与交æµç”¨æˆ·ä½“éªŒçš„æœ€ä½³å¹³å° - Powered by Discuz!
  5. it is good choice. its read ability is second to 840 pro. but its write ability exceed. most of all, its ability to maintain steady performance after a long period of usage is on the top of all the current SSDs---and this is the most important aspect of SSD. the short coming is its control software is not as good as samsum or Intel, still, if you don't want to have the trouble to maintinance your SSD from time to time, M5P is the best choice
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