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  1. I am looking to do this on a 2011 21" iMac. I am going to attempt to install either a 770m or 780m in place of a 6750. This will be more difficult than your project as the 21" has a mxm a and I want to fit an mxm b. I plan to loose the 3.5" and DVD and just install a SSD to allow room. I will let you know how I get on and take photo's along the way. I would also love to do this to a 27" but haven't yet managed to source a cheap 27" to test. I am lucky enough to run an IT business so have plenty of different mxm type b I can test.
  2. Brilliant thanks mate! From my testing the battery clocks do not have any boost so you are correct, only the 3d profile turbos
  3. Hi guys, great work on the custom vBIOS svl7! And well done for being brave enough to test it Stevenx I have just received my i5 m14x r2 and will give this BIOS a go, but I wondered if it is possible to also increase the speed of the battery clocks? (p5 I think, currently run at 405/800). I am using nvidia inspector to boost them to 500/1000 whilst on battery which is great but would love to add them into the vBIOS if possible
  4. Thats great. I noticed the turbo timings in the manual. Have you noticed much difference after altering them?I have ordered mine now, just waiting for it to go into production
  5. Wow bfbc2 is playing great! What clocks were you running at?
  6. haha fair play, I havent even looked at witcher yet. Can you do me a favour if you get 5 minutes. Can you run a game in AC mode with TB disabled in BIOS and let me know if the fans run at a lower speed? I want to get one, but I need to be able to keep the fans lower for sofa gaming
  7. Thats exactly right. Although i havent got an m14x to test it on, i use this technique on my mbp 17 as well as my old i5 540m envy 15. On the mbp i tested 50, 75, 90 and 99%. I found 99 will give you your full 2.0ghz with no turbo. When i used my kilowatt meter i found 90 to be the best mix of power consumption clock speed.
  8. @mw86 - Thanks for the welcome. I will dig out the info when I get home from work. @steven - I think you might have misunderstood my question. I know why you need to disble turbo boost. My question was rather than disabling it in BIOS, your setting of max perf of 75% should disable it. Did you try that? It would save you a lot of hassle switching it off in BIOS to game on battery. I totally understand that the battery cannot accept the laptops full load wattage. Although my 17" MBP will work on high performance on battery it would drain in less than an hour. I currently undervolt the GPU (I run my ati 6750 @ 600/800 .8v on battery) and run my cpu at 90% and get a good hour and a half gaming. I also leave the cpu at 90% on mains purely as the lower wattage means much lower temps and less fan noise. I have not noticed any loss of fps in games yet as at 90% my quad is still running at 2ghz and most games are gpu bound on my 6750
  9. Hey Guys, just found this forum! wondered where everyone from NBR was disappearing to Steve, you may remember me from the M11x, M15x and BFBC2 threads. Haven't got an m14x yet but as soon as my m15x sells I am going to get one. Couple of questions though. Whilst gaming on battery with your profile is the laptop much quieter? Why disable turbo boost in BIOS? If you set it to max of 75% that should also disable TB. I have a MBP 17 with the 2720qm and 6750m, I do this all the time (on battery and mains, I leave it at 90%). I find the laptop is much much quieter even with the gpu overclocked but I still get really good fps. I think the TDP on these SB cpu's is well over 45w with full TB. I did some power draw readings at different settings (50/75/90/99/100) whilst also monitoring fps of games. I found 90% was the most efficient on the mbp. I can dig them out if it helps anyone
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