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  1. Yep, my phone picks up all the signal, same with my friend's notebook. I wouldn't blame my modem, I'm pretty sure it's my Y400 the one that has the problem. It's weird, sometimes I get the full signal but drops to 1 or 2 after a few seconds, I really don't know what to do.
  2. Hi guys, I own a Y400 and modded the BIOS like 1-2 months ago to change the crappy wireless card (intel 2230) to an Intel 6235, since then everything related to wifi has been working like a charm, but suddendly 2 days ago, when I was getting full signal from my modem, I started to get only 3-4 bars and even sometimes 2 bars though I'm only a few feets away from it. Sometimes I'm able to get full signal but it doesn't last too long until it gets dropped to 4 bars. Also when it was working fine the wifi was able to discover 15+ wifi networks on my apartment, now it can only find 4 if I'm lucky. The bad thing is that I'm not able to download as fast as it used to be. I've tried anything I've been able to do, from flashing back the 2.02 modded BIOS, to switching the position of the notebook's antennas, but nothing works... Do you guys have experienced something like this with your wifi cards?
  3. If I flashed from 2.02 to 2.04, can I flash the 2.02 version back? And if so, how can I do that?
  4. Just installed it, as you say it does have some lag spikes, but I waas able to solve it in some way by just switching from 802.11 a/b/g to 802.11 b/g on the Advanced tab of the adapter (device manager), I'm not sure if it's a windows 8 problem or it's something with the adapter itself as I've been reading that many other people have same issues with lag spikes and disconnections.
  5. What does this new modded BIOS version fix?
  6. What about the range increase? I'm completely sure it's better than the crappy Intel it comes with, though I already bought the Intel 6235 I'd really like to know how much signal strenght can the Killer get and other simple things.
  7. Hope it'll be much of an improvement, and now you have the 5 posts you need, so go for it! Good luck
  8. Kamnnoriel

    Bios 2.00

    The Y500 doesn't have the Intel HD gpu enabled, I've read that it is disabled from the processor itself, so you can't enable it no matterr what you do, it's a hardware problem.
  9. I'll be waiting your report mate! Thanks for taking the risk of buying it, hope it is the 750m so all the Y400 owners can upgrade to a dual graphics 14" beast
  10. Then I shouldn't buy the UB card? I know their support isn't good and not aware of what their selling sometimes, but I'd really like to hear from somebody if the GN35 is actually the 750m or not.
  11. Do you have better range with the 6235? or it's just a 5GHz capable card? I'm also interested in buying it in case that the Killer N-1202 doesn't work for me, any information you can give me will be much appreciated mate!
  12. I didn't understand the shipping availability very well, you mean that the GN35 that's available for purchase on Lenovo 's site is actually the new GT 750m? I thought that the GN36 was the GT 750m, or they haven't updated the product's page yet....
  13. Sorry I made a mistake, you don't have to copy the 98 files into the pendrive, just the requested ones as the main guide. The 98 files folder is only required for formatting the USB for DOS. Do as octiceps says .
  14. If you don't mess with things you're not sure about probably you'll brick your notebook, else than that nothing bad could happen , and if by some reason you have to send it back to Lenovo try to flash back your BIOS backup (I'm not sure if you can do this)
  15. Yup, after you formatted with the DOS formatting tool of course.
  16. what do you mean by doing a full shutdown? you mean removing the battery and disconnecting it from AC? because if it's justa normal reboot then it doesn't work...
  17. It's better to backup all the pendrive's content before formatting it with the DOS formatting tool, and of course, after you format the pendrive with that tool it'll be empty, so there you have to copy the 98 files and paste them inside de pendrive (after de DOS format is complete), then keep following the main guide and you'll be ready to format . hope this helps you - - - Updated - - - Hey svl7 after I flashed the custom v 2.02 BIOS on the Y400 I'm not able to use Bluetooth....it doesn't detect it. Do you know how to re-enable it? Or the modded BIOS disables the Bluetooth feature completely? Perhaps I did something wrong while flashing
  18. I know there's a betterr way to do this, but if you pay attention to the pic, the root folder where it is expecting to open the fpt.exe is system32, so what I did was simply copy all the fpt folder's content to system32, after that I opened the backup.bat and it worked . The BIOS's backup was created in the same folder (system32). I repeat, I know that's not the correct way to do it, but at least it worked for me . PS: sorry for my english.
  19. Not sure the 6300 will do a good job, some people have reported that you have to disable wireless LAN in the BIOS, restart, and then enable it again so it will be able to connect to a network.
  20. The N-1202 costs like 47.99 on Amazon and the AC-7260 is about the same price (eBay at least) but I'm not so sure if it'll work well since it's kinda "new" in the market (and it'll probably have driver related issues), what I want to know if it'll be better than the N-1202, I mostly game on this notebook so if the AC-7260 performs better than the N-1202 I'll probably upgrade to it .
  21. If you take a look at that centrino 6300 it has the FRU # 60Y3193, and the 6300 that is "approved" by Lenovo has a FRU # 20002323 which apparently isn't anywhere! Or at least in all the sites I've looked on...
  22. Just wanted to know if the Ultrabay graphics GN36 for the Y500 which seems to be the GT 750m will be compatible with the Y400 w/ GT 750m, or the GN35 for the Y400 is actually the updated 750m (I've read that the GN35 is still the GT 650m as some people say...). I want to make a GT 750m SLi in the Y400 and I don't see any reason why Lenovo wouldn't make the GT 750m for the Y400 since both GT 650m and GT 750m use the same core .
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