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  1. Just try cleaning your fans if you're having heating problems, also apply some new thermal paste as well... But for a cooling pad i use ZALMAN Notebook Cooler ZM-NC2000 Black - Newegg.com and it works great under high loads.
  2. List your specs please, that way we have something to go off of.
  3. This is 100% normal, There's not enough energy for the cards to process at it's max rate, therefore it throttles to compensate the lack.
  4. I just saw Fast 6, didn't really enjoy it as much as the previous movies.
  5. Right now i'm enjoying some relaxing lounge / break beats. ​
  6. Hizakix92


    I do every now and then, The game has improved greatly since it became F2P. And with the upcoming patch on the 26th releasing two new classes, it'll only get better.
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