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  1. maybe you can pierce larger holes in the mesh? if done right it wont look as bad as bare. update us! the heatsink is only covered by 1/4 to 1/3 of the length of the mesh to left(to the right if upside down
  2. nevermind. i went ahead with it and so far i can confirm the minus 10 degrees octiceps is claiming. the default thermal paste is a mess.
  3. i already bought a laptop cooler with two 140mm fans blowing directly to the vent and i noticed no improvement on my load temps. would you recommend doing the repaste now? i already have a promlimatech pk1 because IC diamond is not available from where i am from.
  4. i believe 650m and 750m are exactly the same card but with different clock speeds.
  5. My y500 reached 97 degrees while playing crysis 3 and it regularly idles at 55 degrees. Do you guys thinks i need a repaste?
  6. Is 75 degrees normal for a 650m in sli under full load on a benchmark loop? whats the recommended operating temps for our video card?
  7. has anyone tried connecting to the internet via Bluetooth tethering from an android fone? (ex. galaxy s4)
  8. hi, is there any chance that I will brick my laptop? my y500 is bought from the US in is basically out of warranty as I am currently in Asia.
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