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  1. Well the 3d screen was an optional extra when i was ordering my m17x, and apparently that choice is gone now. I was intending on ordering the oem 3d screen that was built for this model. So i know the screen is available, it has to be.
  2. And I've realized that I should of gone all out and ordered a 3D display just because I'm silly and I want the extra toy. I have more then enough experience to tear down my laptop and rebuild it. However I know crap about 3D screens. Can I order a 3D screen and just install it without a problem, or is there some sort of additional hardware, ports or whatever that I will be missing and will stop me from being able to make this addition. To my knowledge if the 3D display is the same as the 2D setup, I should be able to just disconnect my old screen, drop in a 3D screen and put it all back together. But I know nothing about 3D displays and so before I complicate things, lose money, and pull my hair out. Is it possible for me to just switch the screens? is there additional connectors or anything that I have not seen before, that I will run into? I have an M17xR4 with the 7970 and the 1080P display.
  3. Using Ubuntu 13.04, 8.04 (for older software) , BT5 (white hat purposes), and ofc win 7 and 8. everything works perfectly, sound, video, you name it. Only thing I want and I am currently working on is getting the alienFX to work properly on my linux distros. Other wise everything is perfect
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